How Can You Register In Moscow

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How Can You Register In Moscow
How Can You Register In Moscow

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Permanent registration gives advantages in employment, free medical care, obtaining a loan, obtaining passports, certificates, etc. To obtain a Moscow residence permit, there are several options: purchasing your own home, registering relatives or friends on the living space, or the help of firms issuing registration for money.

How can you register in Moscow
How can you register in Moscow


Step 1

You can get a Moscow residence permit by purchasing your own home. For registration of permanent registration, you will need a sales contract or a certificate of inheritance, with which you must apply to the passport office at the place of future registration. You will also need a passport. If you independently issue a departure sheet from the previous place of registration, then give it along with the rest of the documents to the employee who is registering the registration. If you are unable to check out from your previous place of residence, the passport office will carry out this operation on its own.

Step 2

Ask family or friends for help. They can register you in their apartment if free square meters allow it. It is worth considering that you will have to pay the increased rent for your "living". For registration with relatives or friends, you need to appear at the passport office with the owner of the apartment. You will need the following documents: your passport and passports of all registered persons (and their personal presence), documents for an apartment, an application or an agreement on the right to free use of residential premises, an application for registration at the place of residence.

Step 3

If you do not have acquaintances and relatives, you can contact organizations that provide registration for a certain amount. In this case, you will not have the right to live in the apartment in which you are registered. You will need a passport, a completed application form and money. At the passport office, you will have to sign an agreement with the owner of the home providing his living space for registration of your registration. When applying for services to such organizations, be careful not to get caught by scammers. Before registering a residence permit, make sure the legality of the actions of the company's employees.

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