How To Write A Cap

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How To Write A Cap
How To Write A Cap

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A business letter is written on a computer, drawn up on the letterhead of the organization and consists of the following mandatory parts: a heading, an appeal or greeting, the essence of the question, final phrases, a signature. It is the correctness of the writing of the first part of the message that increases the likelihood that it will find its addressee, and not get lost in piles of office papers.

How to write a cap
How to write a cap


Step 1

Begin the letter head on the right side of the documents, align the alignment along the same edge. If your organisation's letterhead has an image or symbology at the top of the page, make sure the text does not creep over it. Next, select one of the header design options.

Step 2

Indicate the person to whom the letter is addressed. Be sure to write his position in the organization, last name and initials. For example:

Executive Director

LLC "MosSpetsStroy"

Velsky A.N.

You can add the polite form "Mr." or "Mrs." before the name of the addressee. In addition, it is permissible to refuse initials, in this case the name is prescribed.

Step 3

Use introductory words so that the head of the letter does not resemble the beginning of an application to the housing office or the registry office, it is drawn up as follows:

Where: MosSpetsStroy LLC

To: Executive Director A.N. Velsky

If you wish, you can transfer the last name and initials to the next line if the inscription is too long. If you want to emphasize the day of writing the letter, and the outgoing number for some reason is not assigned, you can enter the third line "Date".

Step 4

Design the header of the letter as it is customary to do in business correspondence abroad. First, the name and surname of the addressee is indicated, then the name of the organization where he works, and then the address. This is especially useful if the letter is sent by mail in an envelope with a transparent window. The header looks like this:

Anton Velsky

LLC "MosSpetsStroy"

Moscow, Veshnyakovskaya 6-2-11.

Step 5

Remember that if you are writing to a foreign organization or to a joint venture, you must first indicate the house, then the street, city, postal code and country. You can also write "Mr." or "Mr." before the first and last name.

Step 6

If your letter is for informational purposes, is not addressed to someone specific, or you do not know the name of the person you need, write the following in the header:

Where: MosSpetsStroy LLC

To: Anyone concerned.

In this case, it is better to enter the third line "Subject".

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