How To Write An Address On A Parcel

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How To Write An Address On A Parcel
How To Write An Address On A Parcel

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If you send a parcel packed in branded boxes of the Russian Post, the spelling of the address does not raise any questions. It is enough to legibly fill in the already applied templates. But if the parcel is packed in paper or upholstered with fabric, questions may arise.

How to write an address on a parcel
How to write an address on a parcel


Step 1

Use the larger side of the box to write the address. It can be top (for flat parcels) or side.

Step 2

The sender's address is indicated at the top left, the recipient's address is at the bottom right. As a rule, the details of the person to whom the package is addressed are written somewhat larger.

Step 3

In accordance with the rules for registration of postage, the address details must be written in the following order: first, the last name, first name and patronymic of the addressee (if the parcel is addressed to a legal entity - the name of the company), in the next line - the street name, house and apartment number. This is followed by the name of the city or town (if necessary, also indicate the name of the region and region, region or autonomous region), for international parcels - also the country. And at the very end, write the zip code in large size.

Step 4

In front of the sender's address, mark "From", before the address of the recipient - "To".

Step 5

For postal items within the country, all addresses are indicated in Russian. If the parcel is sent to a republic that is part of the Russian Federation, you can write the address twice: in the state language of the republic and in Russian. On postal items traveling abroad, the address is written in Latin letters. Let us also admit such an option - the recipient's details are indicated in the language of the country in which he lives, but the name of the country is duplicated in Russian.

Step 6

The address should be written large enough, clearly, legibly and without corrections (best of all in block letters). It should not contain unnecessary marks, and geographical names should not be abbreviated.

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