How To Write A Review About An Event

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How To Write A Review About An Event
How To Write A Review About An Event

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The task of the event report is not only to present the event in the most favorable light, but also to get the opportunity to organize something similar in the future. In this document, it is necessary to tell for whom and for what purpose the event was held, how many people participated, what resources were needed and whether they were enough. Make sure that there is a person at the event itself who can provide photos or video.

How to write a review about an event
How to write a review about an event


Step 1

Design a cover page. A report is a more or less free form of documentation. However, in some cases it is necessary to indicate where you are going to submit this document. Write this in the upper right corner of the A4 page. Approximately in the middle of the title page write the title "Report", and in the next line - "About such and such a conference" (concert, exhibition, etc.). At the bottom, write the place and time of the event. Format it all centered.

Step 2

On the first page of the document itself, write how many people were present. You can count them in different ways. Information on the number of delegates to a conference or meeting is in the minutes. When it comes to a concert or exhibition, you can offer guests souvenirs. By the number of folders or pens with a logo left after the event, you can accurately calculate how many guests you had. The number of participants in a festivities or rally can be established only approximately.

Step 3

Indicate the purpose of the event. It can be educational, enlightening, entertaining, etc. Tell us about who performed and with what numbers, what questions were asked, how the audience reacted. The conference report resembles a protocol, but differs in a more free form of presentation. In the report on the opening day or concert, write what the event was dedicated to, who is its main character, what he performed with. If the activity consisted of several parts, give a summary of each. Of course, there is no need to describe in detail how each break went, but the fact that the conference consisted of a plenary session, work of sections and a buffet table can be mentioned. Also, do not forget to tell about who, besides the artist, spoke at the opening of the exhibition.

Step 4

Write down what props you used. Was it prepared on time, was the allocated money sufficient for you? Don't forget about the technical means. Attach a quote.

Step 5

Give a brief analysis of the event. Did you manage to do everything that was planned? Determine what worked best and what needs to be worked on. Specify what conditions are necessary for such events to be held at a higher level in the future.

Step 6

Please indicate if and who attended your event. The data can be obtained from the member of the organizing committee responsible for working with the press. If we are talking about a conference, summit, scientific seminar, etc., the data should be with those responsible for registration. It can be indicated that following the results of the event, such and such materials were published in such and such media.

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