Slimming Meditation

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Slimming Meditation
Slimming Meditation
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Meditation is one of the eastern practices of controlling your mind and body, which is based on the belief in the materiality of thought. Eastern sages said that the spirituality must be brought into harmony with the body. Modern doctors suggest using meditation for weight loss - to solve this problem there is nothing more effective than achieving harmony between form and content.

Slimming meditation
Slimming meditation

Conditions for meditation for weight loss

In meditative practice it is necessary to learn to create conditions: 1. Solitude. During meditation, you are alone with yourself. No one should distract you. 2. Comfort of the room. The best place to meditate is in a well-ventilated room. 3. Comfortable clothing. It is very important when meditating not to feel constrained in clothing. Wear loose items that make you feel at ease. 4. Regularity. In meditation for weight loss, exercise is also important. Therefore, try to meditate on a regular basis, for example, twice a week for 30 minutes. 5. Pleasure. Do not try to meditate through force, the process should be joyful and enjoyable.

Setting the right goal is very important in meditation - try to establish a connection between your mind and body. Tell your body how you love it, and challenge it to find harmony, lightness and grace. It is necessary to lose weight with a positive attitude - do not scold the body for feeling unwell. Promise him a warm relaxation bath, pleasant massages and other treatments. And try to keep your promise - after all, there is nothing worse than deceiving yourself.

Alternative ways of meditation for weight loss

Morning meditation. After waking up, do some light exercises, and then start meditation, sitting comfortably in a chair. Put your thoughts in order, find a connection with the body and tell him about how the day will go, set a goal for losing weight.

Evening meditation. Having settled comfortably in bed, take stock of all the positive results of the past day - think about what you have done new. Before falling asleep, give your body the following setting - while you sleep, a properly tuned brain will start sending the impulses necessary for losing weight.

Dynamic meditation. Meditation can also be combined with monotonous physical activity - jogging or exercising. While practicing, visualize your main goal: imagine yourself slim and beautiful - the body will begin to adjust.

Color meditation. The fact that the body reacts to colors in different ways has long been proven. Blue is responsible for losing weight, so surround yourself with this color scheme and continue to remind the body of what task it faces. It is believed that only 2% of our brains are used. Through meditation, you can access more, try it and you will see a positive result.

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