How To Choose A Meditation Posture

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How To Choose A Meditation Posture
How To Choose A Meditation Posture

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Choosing the right posture for meditation is one of the most important conditions for proper practice, especially when it comes to sitting meditation. A well-positioned classic posture allows you to relax, feel your own breath and not be distracted by the inconveniences of the body.


Classical breathing meditation, or seated meditation, has a whole set of postures in which the body distributes the inhaled air most correctly, the least tiredness during prolonged sitting, and easily comes to relaxation.

Types of lotus pose

It is generally accepted that the best position for meditation is the lotus position. Despite its clear advantages over other postures (soothes breathing, increases blood flow in the back, legs and abdominal muscles), padmasana, or the lotus position, is not suitable for everyone. First, it is difficult enough for older people with an inflexible body to perform. Second, it may simply be uncomfortable in meditation and distracting.

The half lotus pose, or siddhasana, is slightly easier to perform. In it, you need to cross your legs, placing your feet on opposite thighs. To perform a half lotus, a rather long physical preparation is also required, which develops flexibility, so the pose is also not suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, siddhasana is very beneficial for improving the blood supply to the organs, for the lower spine and for developing flexibility. Attempting to sit in the lotus or half lotus position can lead to severe pain if the meditator has injuries or diseases of the legs and diseases of the sacrum.

The simplest version of the lotus that any meditator can sit in is the "Turkish" pose, or sukhasana. The body accepts sukhasana easily, the legs do not get tired, and the back, as a rule, remains fairly straight. This position can be recommended for a person of any age with any health condition, except for very severe leg injuries (fractures in the knee or tibia).

Other seated meditation poses

One of the most gentle meditation postures is sitting on your knees. You just need to sit on your knees, straighten your back and put your hands on your hips. The pose is very light, allowing the person to breathe evenly and powerfully during meditation. To simplify this position, you can use a small hard pad that makes a kind of layer between the legs and buttocks, or a special small bench under which you can remove your legs.

The most comfortable posture for meditation on breathing is considered to be the "Egyptian pose": one should sit on a firm chair with armrests, with your legs at right angles and with your hands on the armrests.

Do not forget that during meditation it is possible and necessary to change postures so that the body can rest and function without problems. It is very important in any sitting position to keep your back straight so that there is no pressure on the internal organs.

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