How To Sell Gold Profitably

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How To Sell Gold Profitably
How To Sell Gold Profitably

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Unfortunately, cataclysms in the financial sphere have happened in Russia more than once. Compatriots, taught by the bitter experience of losing their savings, view gold as the only asset that is always in value. In recent years, the value of this metal on the stock exchanges has grown considerably, and many began to consider it as a speculative asset, i.e. a means for making money. But is it so easy to sell the purchased gold?

How to sell gold profitably
How to sell gold profitably


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The gold accumulated by private investors takes many forms. These can be chains, rings, spoons, coins, bars and even impersonal metal accounts that are not de facto gold. The place for its implementation must be chosen depending on the exact form in which you keep it. Globally, there are several points of sale for gold: pawnshop, individuals, banks. Naturally, gold items in the form of jewelry or household items in the bank will not be accepted from you. With them, you can go to a pawnshop or sell them to private individuals. It should be understood that the pawnshop will accept them at the scrap price, not taking into account the artistic value, i.e. If you sell them, most likely, at a price significantly lower than you bought them.

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If you are the owner of a gold metal account, then you can sell metal from it only in the bank in which it was opened. Here it is worth remembering the spread - the difference between the buying and selling prices of a metal. By law, gold in metal accounts is not subject to VAT on purchases and sales. However, the tax authorities say that when selling, a person is obliged to pay income tax (13%). However, the accounting of these operations has not yet been debugged, since it is necessary to take into account the ownership period of this asset, which presents certain difficulties. At the moment, the data is provided to the tax office by the taxpayer himself without the participation of the bank.

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If you are the owner of gold bars, then the safest way to sell is to sell to the bank. Please note that you have already paid VAT when buying a bullion and are still required to pay 13% tax on income when you sell it. If you have owned a bullion for more than 3 years, no tax will be charged. The price of an ingot may decrease due to defects on its surface, additional costs may arise due to the examination, which the bank will carry out at your expense. Please note that transactions with bullion between individuals are prohibited in Russia by law. Of course, you can draw up a donation agreement for a bullion, and then it will legally change the owner, and you, in turn, will receive money as a gift.

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Gold bullion coins are purchased and sold at branches of many banks. The disadvantage of selling coins is that the purchase price by the bank is much lower than the selling price, the difference in value can be up to 30-40%. In addition, difficulties often arise with the safety of coins. Sometimes the bank agrees to accept them only with a significant discount due to defects that arose during the storage process. The situation with the gold coins of St. George the Victorious, on which dark spots began to appear, was widely publicized. If you do not want to sell to a bank, you can sell coins to a private person. Place your ad on online auctions or look for a buyer through your acquaintances. Beware of scammers.

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In general, despite the fact that gold is an eternal asset, selling it at a great profit is not as easy as it seems at first glance. For this, the price for it must rise significantly. However, most people regard gold as a reserve for extremely difficult times or as an inheritance for children and grandchildren. Therefore, many people simply accumulate it without making a large number of sales transactions.

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