How To Sell A Zinger

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How To Sell A Zinger
How To Sell A Zinger

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Singer sewing machines were at one time not only a necessary household item, but also a decoration of the house. And all this thanks to its original design - a forged stand for the sewing mechanism. Many people still have similar antiques at home. The machine no longer carries a functional load and the question arises - how and to whom to sell it?

How to sell a zinger
How to sell a zinger


Step 1

Firstly, those who collect antiques may be interested in your typewriter. Take a picture of her and show the photo in the corresponding salons - shops. However, you won't get a lot of money for it, since from a certain time the Singer machine became affordable and appeared in many houses, that is, it was not such a rarity.

Step 2

Take high-quality photographs of the typewriter and place an ad on sites specializing in the purchase and sale of various goods from the public. Perhaps there are lovers of antiquity who will be ready not only to buy from you a thing that has become unnecessary, but also to take it out on their own.

Step 3

The Singer car can be accepted into the museum as an exhibit or a participant in a historical installation. Often such things are accepted as a gift or bought for a small amount by theaters, then used as decorations. Call the relevant organizations and try to interest them in your proposal.

Step 4

The Singer car can be sold as an art object. There are several dozen ideas on the Internet, how by unscrewing a sewing mechanism that is no longer working, you can make a beautiful table out of it. To do this, remove the rubber band from the flywheel and remove the 4 bolts that hold the machine itself. They can rust and be difficult to give in. In this case, first grease them with oil and wait 10-15 minutes.

How to sell a zinger
How to sell a zinger

Step 5

Then sandpaper the forged part of the "Singer". Cover it with black metal paint and let dry. Take a regular chipboard board or a special countertop measuring 60x100 centimeters. Screw the new bolts into the holes where the old bolts were, securely fixing the new tabletop.

Step 6

You can lay out the top with tiles or paint with acrylic paints. Place the glass of the same size, and glue a fringe, which you can buy at any sewing store, around the edge of the tabletop.

Step 7

Perhaps, after such a restoration, the desire to sell "Singer" will disappear and you will find a worthy place for it in your home. But if you do decide to sell, then you can offer it not as unnecessary trash, but as a fashionable designer table and help out a much larger amount for it.

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