How To Sell A Gold Coin

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How To Sell A Gold Coin
How To Sell A Gold Coin

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Gold coins are a kind of "eternal" values ​​that do not lose their liquidity today. But if you are not an avid numismatist, then it will not be easy to profitably sell such a rarity.

How to sell a gold coin
How to sell a gold coin


  • - gold coin;
  • - Internet access.


Step 1

Gold coins can be divided into modern (investment and commemorative) and historical gold coins.

Step 2

The easiest way is to sell an investment gold coin. You buy it from a bank, and you can also sell it to a bank. There is a strictly fixed price at which the banking institution currently purchases these coins. If you decide to sell a coin, a bank specialist will assess its condition before buying. The coin is sold and stored in a special capsule. If you took it out, held it in your hands, then microscopic scratches, particles of sebum will certainly remain on the surface. This can significantly reduce the price of the coin, or even make it impossible to sell it. Therefore, if you want to sell a gold coin (this applies to all varieties), store it exclusively in a capsule, and if possible, do not open it.

Step 3

The situation with the sale of a commemorative gold coin is already more complicated. You cannot sell it to the bank. But there are quite a few numismatists who collect them. Your task is to find them. You can contact the city club of numismatics and bonistics (there is one in almost every city). If for some reason you do not find this organization, then go in search of buyers in the Internet forums of numismatists. Check out the private classifieds sections in the collectibles section.

Step 4

If you haven't found a buyer yet, use another option - an online auction. This method of sale is suitable for both commemorative and antique gold coins, but requires you to pay extra attention to the rules of the resource. The largest internet auctions:,,

Step 5

If you need to urgently sell an antique gold coin, then you can go to antique shops. After a detailed inspection, the appraiser will tell you their price. It, of course, will be an order of magnitude lower than the true cost of the rarity, but you will quickly get money.

Step 6

There are cases when unscrupulous antiquaries deliberately lower the price of a coin, seeing that you are not an expert in this area. Therefore, before going to an antique shop, consult with an independent expert.

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