How To Sell Badges

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How To Sell Badges
How To Sell Badges

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

If you get hold of a collection of pins, then you have the potential to make money. The main thing is not just to get rid of collectible items, trusting the first reseller that comes across, but to try to figure out their value and possible cost yourself. Who knows, maybe you happen to be the owner of a rarity that collectors are hunting for?

How to sell badges
How to sell badges


Step 1

Find out where the collectors' meeting point, club or specialty market is located in your city. Go there first as a novice collector, ask the price, try to get as much information as possible from the regulars. The demand for badges may not be as high as for insignia and awards, but you will always find several lovers of this trend in collecting.

Step 2

Buy, or search in the library, a specialized catalog of USSR and Russian badges and try to find information about the badges that you own in it. This edition will help you get an idea of ​​the value of each icon and its possible cost, although the prices shown in the catalog should not be taken literally. If it turns out that you have especially rare specimens, put them aside - it is better to pay special attention to rarities and not sell them along with ordinary collectible material.

Step 3

Visit sites dedicated to faleristics, that is, collecting any badges, assess the level of supply and demand (such sites often have thematic message boards). If you have a more or less complete idea of ​​the value of your icons, advertise yourself, leaving your coordinates. Selling collectibles over the Internet involves additional risks, but at the same time, demand for them in your own community is much more difficult to find.

Step 4

Register as a seller in one or more electronic auctions. Based on the catalog data, compose a description of the icons and put up lots for sale. All this, of course, will take some time, but the likelihood of a profitable deal for an Internet trader increases several times - if your collectible material really is of some value, then soon you will receive a lot of offers.

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