How To Become Putin

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How To Become Putin
How To Become Putin

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Vladimir Putin is considered the standard of a strong political leader. Its popularity is fueled by the carefully maintained image of an athlete involved in extreme sports and martial arts.

How to become Putin
How to become Putin


  • - Application for change of surname
  • - Birth certificate
  • - Application for a replacement passport
  • - Plastic Surgery Clinic
  • - Willpower


Step 1

The easiest way to become Putin is to change your last name. To do this, write an application to the registry office to change your surname, where indicate your surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth, citizenship, place of residence and your marital status. Contact the registry office employees with the application and birth certificate. Within a month, your application will be considered, and you will be given a certificate of surname change.

Step 2

After that, with the received application, contact the passport office with a request for a new passport. Write an application for a replacement passport, attach the necessary documents to it (you can ask about them from the passport office employees) and pay the state fee. Receive a passport with the surname Putin in due time.

Step 3

Another way to become Putin is to have plastic surgery. Find a plastic surgery clinic and talk to your doctor about facial plastic surgery. Pass the examination and pass the necessary tests. After plastic surgery, go through the prescribed rehabilitation procedures and follow the instructions of the doctor. As a result, outwardly you will become similar to the President of Russia - Putin.

Step 4

The hardest and most serious way to become like a national leader is to learn and develop. Enter a university and get a higher legal education, like a president. During your studies, enroll in sports sections. First of all, pay attention to skiing, which Putin is so fond of. In addition, actively prepare and train in the judo and sambo sections, try to compete in such a way as to win prizes.

Step 5

In your studies, diligently master the German language, which the national leader is fluent in. After graduating from your studies, go to work in the FSB and rise to the rank of colonel. The skills learned there will shape your leadership qualities and prepare you for future political activities.

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