How To Become Known To The Whole World

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How To Become Known To The Whole World
How To Become Known To The Whole World
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Many have at least once in their lives experienced the triumph of fame, a pleasant surprise at their own importance for other people and pride in being in the center of attention. And some want to enjoy this pleasant feeling for a long time, wanting to become known to the whole world.

How to become famous
How to become famous


Step 1

There are many ways to gain worldwide fame and recognition. Radio, television, the Internet, the universal availability of information and the opportunity to show oneself make the desire to become a star quite feasible. You just need to decide on the scope of your talents and the channels through which you can promote your personality or brand.

Step 2

The question of defining one's own skills and talents should be approached especially seriously. Maybe you sing well, or want to learn how to sing, or maybe you dance, have an attractive appearance, write great, shoot unusual videos, have a business acumen and have a great deal of business. Finding your strengths or a great desire to improve in one of the areas is the first step to success.

Step 3

The second step is to show yourself to the world. If you sing well, but do it with guests or at karaoke, it is unlikely that the whole world will know about you. A writer should not put his works on the table, a journalist should not be afraid to publish a sensation, an actor should not be afraid of passing a casting in a film of the first magnitude. The main rule here is to cast aside your fears and doubts, constantly try your hand, participate in contests, castings, and pass selections. Only when other people - publishers, directors, partners, investors - find out about you, you can count on fame.

Step 4

Have an original view of the world and events, embody them in your art, business or politics. Now the channels are overloaded with dry, uniform, boring information. Many try to be original, but it turns out only for those who know how to look at things from a different angle. It is these people, videos, news, books and music that quickly become famous, albeit often scandalously. Showing the world something amazing, shocking, incomprehensible is a fast, but also difficult path to success.

Step 5

Promote your personality or brand through multiple channels. No need to get stuck in one competition or casting, participate in many. If you practice singing or dancing - record audio or video, post it on the Internet - on social networks or on YouTube. Create a group dedicated to your creativity, invite friends to it, let as many people as possible get to know what you are doing. This method will not only bring new fans to you, but will also help you find those who are interested in this work, want to publish a book, invite you to audition, and invest in a project.

Step 6

Famous people are public personalities, therefore, as often as possible, you need to communicate in creative or business circles: attend creative evenings, exhibitions, meetings, share experiences with other people and learn from more mature colleagues. When your name is known not only from videos and recordings on the Internet, but will be heard among the business or creative elite, it will expand your opportunity to break into the world of great success.

Step 7

It is very important not to despair at the beginning of your journey, when a lot will not work out, you may have to face a lot of rejections. It may seem that you are worthless, and you may even want to stop trying to become famous or close your own business. However, success rarely comes unexpectedly, behind it are years of hard work, talent to constantly work on and, of course, a share of luck. There is no need to turn away from success, desperately giving up your job halfway through. And then luck will accompany you.

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