How A Tattoo Affects The Fate Of A Person

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How A Tattoo Affects The Fate Of A Person
How A Tattoo Affects The Fate Of A Person

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A tattoo is not really a decoration in the conventional sense. This is not the kind of thing that can be removed if you no longer like it. Of course, you can remove it later, but this is by no means easy. Therefore, the choice of a tattoo should be treated with special attention. In addition, there is an opinion that a tattoo can change the fate of its owner.

A tattoo is not just a decoration
A tattoo is not just a decoration

Historical reference

Tattooing as a phenomenon has been known for a very long time and has ancient roots. Initially, it was designed to attract the favor of gods and spirits, to protect its wearer from misfortunes and troubles. A little later, she became a kind of identification mark indicating the origin of a person, her belonging to any groups or castes, which gave those around him information about his well-being and occupation.

The term "tattoo" itself comes from the word "tattoo", which, in turn, is derived from "tatau", which means "drawing" in the Tahitian dialect of the Polynesian language. For the first time this word entered the English language with the light hand of the traveler James Cook. He used it in his account of his travels around the world, which was published in 1773.

The influence of a tattoo on fate

There is an opinion that a tattoo can influence the fate of a person. Even if you do not delve into esoteric details, but only talk about psychological factors and the impact on the subconscious of a person, there is a healthy grain in this.

When choosing a tattoo, a person predominantly stops at what he is striving for. For him, a tattoo is an emphasis on certain character traits. Subsequently, he observes this drawing every day. All visual images that fall into the area of ​​attention are firmly settled in the subconscious. It is from there that they influence the behavior of the owner of the drawing.

Such an unconscious effect on self-awareness is also strengthened by a rather painful and often lengthy application process. As a result, an imprint of the image and what the person associates with it is formed in the subconscious.

Speaking about the reasons for the influence of tattoos on the character and fate of a person, the question of faith cannot be ignored. If a person believes that the drawing will change something in his life, most likely, this is exactly what will happen. The owner of the tattoo, on his own, without even noticing it, replaces his attitude to life and behavior. In this case, the placebo effect works.

For example, the tradition of tattooing is based on the effect of faith in Thailand. Every March, within the walls of Bang Phra Monastery, a festival of magical tattoos and sacred drawings is held. Only a man can become the owner of such a picture. Thais believe that tattoos called Sak Yant with prayer and blessing give them protection from all kinds of trouble.

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