How Did Teddy Bears Come About?

How Did Teddy Bears Come About?
How Did Teddy Bears Come About?

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Yes - yes, don't be surprised. Teddy bears popular all over the world got their name from …….

How did Teddy bears come about?
How did Teddy bears come about?

I'm not entirely sure if using my name will bring success to the teddy bear production, but if you insist so please you can call him my name."

Theodore Roosevelt, 1903

Yes - yes, don't be surprised. Worldwide popular Teddy bears got their name from the twenty-sixth President of the United States of America, Theodore Roosevelt. Why did it happen?

President Theodore Roosevelt loved hunting and never returned to his residence without a trophy. This time he was invited to hunt in Mississippi. But the hunt was not very successful. For several hours, the president and his team were unable to shoot any animal. And then the presidential aides caught a little black bear and tied him to a tree to make it easier for Roosevelt to shoot him. But Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot the little and exhausted bear cub. "Spare the bear cub! I will not shoot at the tied animal!.." And it was this phrase that became fatal. A few days later, a description of this incident hit the local newspaper, and the president was presented as a real hero.

This newspaper article caught the eye of a manufacturer and trader of children's toys. And the man's name was Morris Micht. He showed this note to his wife, and it was she who came up with a brilliant idea: to create a teddy bear and call him Teddy. And Teddy is the nickname for President Theodore Roosevelt. The cubs brought their creator immense popularity and nothing more. The family did not receive any money. The thing is, they just did not patent their cute plush creature and its name. And very soon many other firms appeared, which also began to produce Teddy bears.

Since then, Teddy bears have become very popular all over the world. Teddy bears became heroes of cartoons and children's books, one of which "Winnie the Pooh", written by Alan Milne, was a huge success.

There is even a special holiday in the USA - Teddy Bear Day. It is celebrated on October 27. But Russia did not lag behind America either. Our Teddy Bear Day is celebrated on November 19. On the same day, the exhibition "Teddimania" is being held in Russia.

Teddymania is an exhibition where lovers of Teddy bears display their favorite “pets” for everyone to see. Each Teddy bear featured on "Teddimania" exists only in a single copy. Lady bears and bears - gentlemen rush to a romantic date, visit whole families and receive guests themselves, celebrate weddings and name days and live their own special, toy life.

Amateurs - collectors are ready to buy these bears for their collection for any money. At the show, many Teddy bears are usually already reserved and after the end of Teddymania they will immediately move to their new owner. And the most expensive Teddy bear was sold to a private collector for 90 thousand dollars.

Teddimania in Russia is a very new hobby. Only in 1990, an exhibition of German Teddy bears was organized in Moscow for the first time, and in 2000, in the same Moscow, courses were opened for those who wanted to learn how to make these cute and kind bears with their own hands.

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