Where Do Bears Live?

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Where Do Bears Live?
Where Do Bears Live?

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One of the strongest and most powerful predators of wildlife - the bear - has a very large habitat. These mammals can be found in the Arctic and South America.

Where do bears live?
Where do bears live?

Currently, there are 3 types of bears in nature:

- white, - brown, - the black.

These species include a large number of small subspecies, and researchers do not have a consensus on the classification. So, if earlier the grizzly bear was singled out as a separate species, now it is classified as a subspecies of brown bears.

The bear is one of the most dangerous predators of the mammalian genus.


Bears are found in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Africa. They can easily adapt to different climatic conditions, and therefore this beast can be found in the steppes, forests, plains, highlands and ice of the Arctic. Bears live in different parts of the planet also due to the fact that they eat a wide variety of foods, their diet includes meat, fish, berries, herbs, and various roots.

However, this predator is in danger today, poachers exterminate the bear, hunting for its bile, the fat of the animal, veins and skin are also valuable. To preserve species that are on the verge of extinction, animals are trying to grow and breed in national reserves and zoos around the world. Bears adapt well to captivity, get used to living in a confined space, an artificial den, and give birth to offspring in the third or fifth year of life.

Despite their massiveness and seeming slowness, bears can cross various terrains, swim in the water and climb trees.

In wildlife for polar bears, the most characteristic place of distribution is the Arctic, as well as the icy coast of the Arctic Ocean. Brown bears live in deserts, steppes, subtropical forests, taiga and tundra.

White bears

White, or polar, bears are common in the ice of the Arctic Ocean. However, seasonal melting and freezing of ice forces them to move to the north or south of the polar edge. In summer, polar bears usually drift on large and small ice floes.

Polar bears are common in Russia, in particular in Central Siberia, Canada, Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard and Franz Josef Land.

Brown bears

Previously, brown bears, including grizzlies, lived in European forests. However, today they have remained only in the wooded areas of Russia, Finland, Scandinavia, Romania, Yugoslavia, less often in the forests of Spain, Italy and the Pyrenees. Grizzlies have survived in Canada, Alaska, as well as in western America and on the eastern Pacific coast.

As for Asia, here the brown bear is found on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, in the northern part of China, in Palestine, Iran, Iraq, in the Caucasus, the Far East and on the Korean Peninsula. Brown bears and grizzlies most often choose deep forests bordering on marshlands and water bodies as their habitat.

Black bears

Baribal, otherwise known as the black bear, is found in the eastern United States and Canada. The Himalayan bear lives in the Himalayan mountains, in the northern part of Pakistan, Vietnam, in the southern part of Afghanistan, China, maybe even in Thailand.

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