Where Did The Expression "bullshit" Come From?

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Where Did The Expression "bullshit" Come From?
Where Did The Expression "bullshit" Come From?

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Nonsense is one of the stable expressions in which the Russian language is so rich. They reflect the culture of the Russian people and their originality. All such expressions have a rather interesting origin.

Where did the expression come from
Where did the expression come from

The stable expression (phraseological unit) "bullshit" is used to negatively evaluate various phrases and actions. It denotes the quintessence of stupidity, its highest manifestation and is colloquial in nature. Nevertheless, this turnover can be used in speech by very educated people. Often, even a scientist can say in a fit of anger: "Nonsense, all your evidence!"

Wrong origin stories

Phraseologism "bullshit" people very often use in their speech, but few people think about where it came from. There are many different versions on this score. Among them there are some very funny and even ridiculous ones.

Why is it bullshit? Some people believe that this is due to a dog barking (or gaping) at a person for no apparent reason. Of course, a person is not able to interpret these sounds, to comprehend them (simply because there is no meaning there). So modern people called such a canine act nonsense, especially if a lot of dogs bark.

Some jokers in some cases refuse to use this phraseological unit, depending on the degree of nonsense. They call the little nonsense "mouse bullshit" and the big bullshit "elephant bullshit." These phrases have not taken root in Russian speech, so only a very small number of people use them.

In the Arabic language there is a word "sabaka", which means "to confuse", "to confuse". Some linguists think that the phraseological unit "bullshit" came to us precisely from this language.

Dog means strong

Ozhegov's dictionary says that "bullshit" means "complete nonsense." There can be no elephants here! The Russian people have always associated a strong manifestation of something with a dog. This is where the stable expressions come from: "dog life", "dog cold".

Linguists point out that meat cuts, which people did not want to buy at the bazaar because of their unsightlyness, have long been called nonsense or nonsense. But the dogs liked them. Sometimes whole cuts of meat were called bullshit, which, in principle, are suitable for humans, but look very nondescript.

In the old days in Russia people of different faiths, in particular Muslims, were called dogs. "Nonsense" meant "alien", "incomprehensible", "inexplicable." Another culture at that time was really incomprehensible to Orthodox people due to the lack of frequent interactions with other peoples.

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