Where To Complain About The Insurance Company

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Where To Complain About The Insurance Company
Where To Complain About The Insurance Company

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The insurance market in Russia has existed for a long time, but in the last decade it has been developing especially powerfully. Such an active process is often of interest to unscrupulous entrepreneurs trying to capitalize on the insurance boom.

Where to complain about the insurance company
Where to complain about the insurance company


Step 1

If you have a disagreement with an insurance company, do not despair. Even the most powerful players in this market can be found justice. The activities of insurers are strictly regulated, and therefore their work is always under the supervision of two official bodies: the Federal Service for Financial Markets and the Russian Union of Auto Insurers. Obviously, the terms of reference of the structures are different, and the status is different, nevertheless, both can be useful in a dispute with the insurer.

Step 2

First of all, write the complaint itself. This should be a free-form statement, but with a statement of all the facts that you consider relevant to the consideration of the dispute. The application needs not only to be signed, but to indicate your data in full, as well as the address and telephone number for communication. If the dispute came out with an employee (manager, appraiser) of the insurance company, send your appeal to the head office of the organization or leave a request on the departmental website. The company is obliged to give you a reasoned answer within 30 days.

Step 3

A complaint about the insurance company itself, about its violation of the law (for example, you did not receive the amount of compensation, you were denied an application, did not draw up an act or underestimated the amount of payments), send to the Federal Service for Financial Markets: Moscow, Leninsky Prospect, nine.

Step 4

A complaint can also be sent to the Interregional Union for the Protection of the Rights of Policyholders, unlike many organizations, the Union considers applications received via the Internet, it is enough to write on its website.

Step 5

Complaints regarding the relationship on civil liability insurance of motorists (OSAGO), it is advisable to send to the Russian Union of Auto Insurers. Over the years of its existence, this organization has accumulated significant experience in resolving disputes between the insurer and the policyholder, there are also interesting judicial precedents. You need to write to the address: 115093, Moscow, st. Lyusinovskaya, 27, building 3. The official website has a section for inquiries.

Step 6

If in the actions of the insurer you see a criminal offense (for example, fraud), duplicate the appeal to the prosecutor's office in your city.

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