How To Find A Company By Phone Number

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How To Find A Company By Phone Number
How To Find A Company By Phone Number
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To find a company by phone number, you do not need to write written requests to the authorities or tax offices. With the development of the Internet, this has become much easier to do. There are sites that use databases of companies and enterprises registered in different regions and cities of Russia. And one of them is, which provides free access to stored information.

How to find a company by phone number
How to find a company by phone number


Step 1

Go to the website. The main search form is located at the top of the page. It consists of two fields that you need to fill in: "What to look for" and "Where to look". Knowing only the phone number of the company, you can find information about it only through the advanced search form. Activate it by clicking the corresponding inscription.

Step 2

The fields "Telephone code" and "Number" are different, this will allow you to search for a company, knowing only its telephone number and not having information about the telephone code. The search in the database is carried out by a query typed in one field, as well as by several queries in a number of fields, if you know any other additional data, for example, the name of the city or the second phone number of the organization you are looking for.

Step 3

Enter your phone number and fill in additional fields. Press the "Find" button and the system will search for an exact match of the combination of digits of the company number that you entered. Based on the results of the search performed, all companies with similar numbers will be shown in a list that you can scroll through in the preview mode. Each page displays 10 records with company details.

Step 4

You can narrow your search by specifying the geographic region where the company is located. It can be set using a telephone code in the ABC format, which is tied to different regions of Russia. You can do the same if, before performing the "Whose number is this" function, connect the additional "Region selection" filter and select from the proposed list the assumed region where the searched for company is registered. These steps should be done before you enter the advanced search mode.

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