What Is A Miracle

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What Is A Miracle
What Is A Miracle
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Adults are sometimes skeptical about miracles. A miracle is something from childhood, distant and magical, inexplicable and non-existent. However, miracles in real life are not so rare.

What is a miracle
What is a miracle

A miracle is an event that a person cannot explain with the help of his knowledge or observations, or such a phenomenon that he has not encountered before, but which surprises him. A miracle can be called a huge number of inexplicable things in the world. Even today, when a person has learned many processes in nature, knows about the existence of physical laws, knows so much and knows so many things, he still does not stop believing in miracles. Because often a person needs miracles in order to believe in higher powers or magic, so as not to lose hope for the best and to know that much remains to be discovered and there is something to strive for. Miracles happen in real life, religion, culture and science.

Miracles in religion

The whole world of religion is imbued with faith in miracles. Religion practically lives only at the expense of man's great faith in the creation of the world, the power of God and his followers. The Bible and other religious books are imbued with an atmosphere of extraordinary miracles that believers, saints, apostles, gods or sons of God could perform. The birth, life, exploits and activities of such people and gods were extolled as miraculous, inexplicable phenomena. How can you imagine an ordinary person who fights against the forces of evil or huge monsters, revives the dead or heals them from diseases? No, only gods and their entourage can do this, but for ordinary people this is a real miracle.

Belief in a miracle was constantly present in biblical sources, forcing people to worship the creator, believe in religion, listen to the words and covenants of religious leaders. In fact, religion is a means for people to believe and hope in the salvation and help of higher powers, but at the same time it is an excellent way to keep a person in fear and obedience to the Almighty and his messengers. The miracle in religion is twofold: its meaning is to carry surprise, admiration, fear or even horror.

Miracles in real life

In real life, there is also a place for miracles. They can always be noticed if you look closely at events and people. The emergence of a new life, love, friendship, affection - all these are examples of everyday miracles, which you can pass by and not recognize a miracle in them, but you can admire as the biggest unexplained phenomenon on the planet. The books contain not only the wisdom of life, there you can find miracles and magic. The magic of words and imagination itself speaks of some higher powers that, with the help of simple letters, can create new worlds, transport a person to any point on the planet and tell magical stories. Real life miracles also include magic tricks or tricks.

Unexplained phenomena

However, there is much that can be called a real miracle. Inexplicable phenomena that have no scientific basis are just such things. The laws of physics cannot yet explain all the processes occurring in space or on Earth, therefore such phenomena are often considered miracles. The Bermuda Triangle, huge crop circles, luminous objects in the sky, the secrets of history are considered by someone to be the actions of extraterrestrial civilizations, but for someone it is a real miracle.

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