Who Is Putin By Horoscope

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Who Is Putin By Horoscope
Who Is Putin By Horoscope

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Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich was born on October 7, he is a prominent representative of the Libra zodiac sign. Among the most pronounced qualities of this sign, astrologers highlight decisiveness, dedication and the ability to make decisions quickly.

Who is Putin by horoscope
Who is Putin by horoscope


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In the sign of Libra, in addition to the Sun, there are three more planets: Saturn, Mercury and Neptune. The core of such planets allows us to speak about the integrity of character, balance in behavior and judgments, a sense of proportion, the ability to avoid conflicts and conduct a dialogue. Despite the external pliability and gentleness, such people have an internal steel core and their own value system. It is impossible to intimidate or break the representative of Saturn.

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Age will help strengthen the core, since the planetary core falls on the tenth house of the horoscope, which endows Libra with "Capricorn" traits - responsibility, dedication, consistency and thoughtfulness of decisions, persistence in achieving goals.

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The qualities described above indicate that a person can become a successful politician. The 10th house gives the wavering and indecisive Libra the necessary direction in perspective and rigidity.

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The strong 10th house of the horoscope endows a person with high professionalism, no matter what profession is chosen. Libras traditionally associate their activities with jurisprudence and diplomacy, so Putin's choice of the law faculty of Leningrad State University is not surprising.

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Mars is in the 1st house of the horoscope, and Pluto is in the 8th, this combination indicates a career as a secret service worker or military man. However, Mars in Sagittarius will persuade a person to pursue a military career in peacetime or to work in state security agencies.

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In 1991, Vladimir Vladimirovich changed the uniform of an officer to the position of an official in the mayor's office of St. Petersburg. The position of Jupiter in the 6th house of the horoscope inclines to the bureaucratic chair.

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The powerful 10th house of the horoscope implies a strong desire for power, as well as the possibility of its gradual achievement. The degree of Chiron also speaks of elevation, indicating mental abilities and leadership qualities. The degree of Saturn, being involved in the horoscope, promises success in life, wealth and longevity.

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The president's horoscope is filled with a large number of mutually reinforcing indicators that allow you to make informed decisions and take deliberate actions. The presence of one of the brightest stars speaks of great vitality, positive orientation, love of life, charisma and great creative potential.

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Russia is under the sign of Aquarius, which has many identical qualities with Libra, so it is highly likely that it is under Vladimir Vladimirovich that Russia will become a great power.

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