Lunar Calendar: Recommendations For The 20th Lunar Day

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Lunar Calendar: Recommendations For The 20th Lunar Day
Lunar Calendar: Recommendations For The 20th Lunar Day
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Each day of the lunar cycle has a certain energy, carries its own information. How to dispose of this information depends only on the person himself. Moon rhythms can be used for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones, increasing or holding back activity, depending on the phase of the cycle, directing your energy in the most appropriate channel.

Lunar calendar: recommendations for the 20th lunar day
Lunar calendar: recommendations for the 20th lunar day

20th lunar day: what is it?

This day is associated with inner transformation, discoveries and insights, it is not for nothing that the eagle is considered its symbol, looking at the world from an unattainable height and seeing what is hidden or indistinguishable to others.

On the twentieth lunar day, it is good to make especially important decisions that require overcoming internal barriers, to move to a new stage in development, whether it is the beginning of training, entering a new position, changing the field of activity. It is also a day of results - all the efforts and measures taken earlier lead to natural results. Perseverance and perseverance will bring good results, but you should not put excessive pressure on other people so as not to make envious and ill-wishers.

The 20th lunar day is suitable for the conclusion of any kind of contracts and for public speaking.

The 20th lunar day is good both for solitude and for joint work - it will be easier to find a common language with the environment. Conflicts are best avoided - a quarrel that began today runs the risk of dragging on and bringing a lot of trouble to both warring parties. Avoid pride, arrogance, accept the recognition of others with a certain amount of humility.

A variety of spiritual practices are recommended - for example, meditation on this day will help you see an unexpected solution, find a way out of a difficult situation. Contacts with teachers and mentors will be successful - on this day you can get unexpected, but useful advice and recommendations, important information from them.

Tips for the 20th lunar day

Moderate physical activity, staying in the fresh air on the twentieth lunar day is especially useful. Any abuse and extremes should be abandoned - it is better not to eat heavy food, especially of animal origin. Alcohol and smoking on this day are especially harmful, but if you decide to give up alcohol or tobacco, it is best to part with a bad habit today.

It is believed that on the twentieth lunar day, the organs of vision and the back are vulnerable - do not make significant physical efforts, do not overextend your eyes.

Give preference to fresh food, foods that do not require heat treatment. The day is favorable for fasting, therapeutic fasting, and the beginning of a diet. Any cleansing procedures will be beneficial, you can visit the bathhouse or sauna. A haircut made on this day will lead to a prolonged period of low interest in life and a deterioration in mood. But you can plan operations and medical manipulations associated with a violation of the integrity of the skin - the wounds inflicted with a scalpel heal faster during this period.

The twentieth lunar day is the time of the waning of the moon. At this time, root crops and bulbous plants should be planted, weeds should be destroyed, and a crop should be harvested, which is planned to be stored for a long time, and not eaten in the near future.

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