How To Treat Enemies

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How To Treat Enemies
How To Treat Enemies

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Conflicts and differences in outlooks on life sometimes provoke people to hate each other. It is impossible to wish the enemy well. But you shouldn't give too much free rein to negative emotions.

How to treat enemies
How to treat enemies


Step 1

Treat them in proportion to their actions and behavior towards you. No need to respond to a stinging remark with a flurry of insults. Answer the same and no more, because the situation can get out of control if you do otherwise. The rapid deterioration of the relationship will not lead to anything good - so it can come to a fight. If you feel that the enemy is provoking you to aggravate the situation, do not give in. Most likely, this is done in order to make you look not in the best light.

Step 2

Keep your distance and respect everyone's right to privacy. Quarrels are quarrels, but it is unethical to stoop to gossip about the relationship of the enemy with the opposite sex and his sexual addictions. Your opponent's number of sexual partners should not be made public in the name of revenge. With such behavior, you can provoke the enemy to retaliate - you would hardly be pleased if there were rumors that your wife was cheating on you. Even the most serious conflict should not go beyond the bounds of morality.

Step 3

Forgive them, or at least be condescending to their antics. So you will spend less time and nerves analyzing the actions of the enemy and trying to plan a retaliatory strike. In addition, such behavior negates all attempts of the enemy to inflict moral pain on you and does not bring any pleasure from dirty tricks. Let the enemy beat against your unshakable calmness and self-confidence like water against rocks.

Step 4

If the enemy gets tired of "fighting" and offers you reconciliation first, agree. There is no need to inflate yourself or make fun of his words. A thin world is really better than a good quarrel, so do not miss the opportunity to lose a person who is negatively disposed towards you. Perhaps, by making a compromise, you will even find another friend.

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