Which Scooter To Choose For The City

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Which Scooter To Choose For The City
Which Scooter To Choose For The City
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A scooter is not only entertainment for children, but also a good adult vehicle. Despite the fact that in Russia this practice is not very common, in the West quite a few people get to work with their help. To make the right choice, you need to know the main criteria and differences.

Which scooter to choose for the city
Which scooter to choose for the city

There are two main types: stunt scooters and standard scooters. For city driving, you will hardly need the first option, since it cannot be folded, and the wheels are much smaller, you can just get stuck in some gap on the road. Standard scooters are more comfortable and easier to move around. It doesn't take much effort to roll down the road.

Pay attention to the weight that the scooter can support. For most, this figure is at around 100 kg. However, there are models that can withstand up to 130 and even 150 kg. If you have to travel a lot on not very good roads, you can take lightweight folding scooters. Their weight is approximately 3-5 kg.


Pay special attention to the deck. This is the main part, the platform on which the legs are placed. In most cases, it is combined with the frame, and a wing-brake is attached to its rear part. Check the top for any skin to prevent slipping while moving.

Most of the questions for beginners are the width of the soundboard. It is believed that it should be large enough so that two legs fit side by side. However, it is not. During movement, only one leg stands on the scooter, and the other is used for pushing off. When you go down a hill or continue to move, your foot is simply placed slightly behind, lightly touching the surface. Therefore, it is not necessary to choose too wide options. It is also better to keep the deck shorter.

Ground clearance and wheels

Pay attention to the ground clearance. The higher it is, the harder you will have to squat during repulsion, which leads to quick fatigue. The low ground clearance makes the driving process much easier, allowing you to relax and unwind. However, this will require additional attention from you. For example, while overcoming curbs. You can understand the comfort of this indicator by taking a little ride around the sports store.

Also pay attention to the wheels. The most common option is polyurethane. These are pretty tough, durable and very fast wheels. The inflatable version allows you to make the ride as soft as possible, but the speed suffers. Rubber wheels are a compromise between these two options.

For city scooters, the most optimal wheel size is from 15 to 20 centimeters. First, the cracks will not be so bad. Secondly, you will have to push off much less often. Thirdly, the speed will be noticeably higher.

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