Why The Mood Depends On The Weather

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Why The Mood Depends On The Weather
Why The Mood Depends On The Weather
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When it rains outside the window, it evokes melancholy and despondency. Clouds adversely affect the ability to work, and the sun is pleasing to the eye. But if the sun is too hot for the head, then it’s not a joy either. But why?

Why the mood depends on the weather
Why the mood depends on the weather


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There is such a mental disorder called meteoneurosis. You won't find it in textbooks and scientific treatises - don't even try. But if your mood, depending on the air temperature, humidity and "obesity" can rise and fall, then what else can you call it, if not a disorder?

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It has long been known that human memory is associative. If people see something red and round, then for them it looks like an apple, although there is no apple there. Again, if in a horror film they show shoes swinging twenty centimeters above the floor, then everyone understands that in front of them are the legs of a hanged man. If not for associative thinking, not a single moral of the thousands of children's fairy tales would have been assimilated by people. However, if you look around, you can come to the conclusion that they have not been mastered anyway.

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When the sky is covered with black clouds, from which rain is about to pour down, and the eyes see all this, the brain launches the usual procedure of associations. That is why some people rejoice at the rain and smile merrily, raising their faces to meet the cold drops. Others, like a mirror, demonstrate the state of the sky - frown and "swell". All this is due to the fact that everyone has their own life experience, their own values ​​and, as a result, a different associative array, which is under the every minute influence of the surrounding people, the media and advertising.

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If once you saw a romantic film in which a guy and a girl met in the rain, and by the end they were happily married, then while walking with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can subconsciously return to this scene and draw some conclusions without even giving yourself this report. Your inner assistant will tell you that these walks are romantic. For those who once got home under a cold shower and subsequently caught a cold, clouds will not cause such associations. They will subconsciously associate them with illness.

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Returning to meteoneuroses, we can say that everyone is subject to them to some extent. Because the weather does not affect consciousness, which people at least know how to keep in check and direct to the right paths. The weather affects the subconscious mind, which compares it with knowledge and associations. If you once received a sunstroke, your subconscious mind will try to save you from repeated incidents - such is its hard part. And the intense heat will cause you not too welcoming associations.

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