Can Water Be A Store Of Information

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Can Water Be A Store Of Information
Can Water Be A Store Of Information

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Scientists claim that water knows a lot more about people than people know about it. The secrets of the most common liquid on the planet are not even half revealed. More recently, researchers have been able to prove that water is a store of information.

Can water be a store of information
Can water be a store of information

The way water accumulates information

Even in childhood, schoolchildren are taught the formula of water: two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Water molecules are able to attract each other, forming a bond. It is thanks to this property that H2O is capable of transmitting various information. A liquid crystal hierarchical cluster structure is formed in space. These clusters are the cells in which information is stored. The ability to "remember" is called the informational memory of water.

The information structure of water is much more important than its physical and chemical properties.

As you know, water is the basis of all life on earth. Water reacts actively to all actions that take place in and around it. By memorizing information, water acquires new properties, but its composition does not change.

Every living thing on the planet, including viruses and bacteria, has a certain frequency of radiation, which is recorded in water clusters. Scientists conducted a series of experiments and proved that the information accumulated by water can literally be rewritten. There is only one way to erase the memory of water - by freezing it to the desired temperature and for a certain amount of time. When defrosted, the liquid becomes informationally clean, structured.

Structured water and its study

Homeopaths claim that structured water - water with erased or overwritten information memory - is biologically active. She is able not only to strengthen the immune system, but also to save a person from a number of diseases. Even if you use it for brewing tea, dilute it many times, informationally pure water will still have a beneficial effect.

Nowadays, conferences and meetings are often held, where self-taught enthusiasts and those simply interested in the secrets of water share the results of their experiments. Academic science does not recognize such conclusions. However, S. Zenin, head of the laboratory of traditional diagnostic methods of the Ministry of Health of Russia, defended his doctoral dissertation on the memory of water some time ago.

From a scientific point of view, it is still impossible to explain the theory of processes occurring with water when it changes its cluster structure.

Zenin was able to prove that the main structural element of water is a regular crystal with six diamond-shaped faces. Each facet is "lined" with a pattern, which is actually a combination of dipole water molecules.

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto conducted a series of experiments. Their results were thousands of photographs of water crystals. The purer and more positive the information in the memory of water, the more perfect the shape of these crystals. A tiny snowflake of perfect shape is obtained by saying the words "love" and "gratitude" over the water.

Knowledge about the informational structure of water and how to manage it will help humanity move to a new stage of evolution, the researchers say. Cataclysms like tsunamis, floods and hurricanes are caused by the accumulation of too much anger, envy, and aggression in the water. Already now, some people structure water on their own and claim that this really helped them solve many problems in life.

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