How To Choose A Scooter For An Adult

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How To Choose A Scooter For An Adult
How To Choose A Scooter For An Adult

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Scooter riding is becoming an increasingly popular urban pastime. The interest in this vehicle is understandable - it is easy to transport it in a car and public transport, the likelihood of injury is lower than on a bicycle, and a person of any age can learn to ride. But among the many models of scooters for adults that are available in stores and on the Internet, it is difficult to choose the most convenient and safe option.

How to choose a scooter for an adult
How to choose a scooter for an adult

Using the scooter

Before you start choosing a scooter, you need to answer the question: how exactly are you going to use it. There are different models that are designed for different purposes. So, for example, a classic city scooter is suitable for moving on a flat surface. But lovers of high speed are better off choosing a T-shirt - this is a model in which the front wheels are much larger than the rear ones. Well, for those who want to learn how to perform various tricks while driving and on the fly, you should give preference to a special stunt scooter with small wheels and a narrow deck.

Handlebar height

Most city scooters have an adjustable steering wheel for comfortable riding. This means that an adult of any height can make it fit. This is very convenient, as the high-positioned handlebars force you to squat while pushing with the leg, and the low-to take an uncomfortable hunched position, which leads to back pain. As for stunt scooters, their height, as a rule, is not regulated, therefore a specific model is selected for a person based on his physical data. Another difference between urban scooters and sports scooters is the presence of a folding mechanism. It allows you to comfortably transport and store the product, but over time it can loosen and creak while driving.

Maximum load

When choosing a scooter for adults, it is important to keep in mind that not all models are designed for really big people. So, some can withstand weight up to 70 kg - they are suitable for women and adolescents. But there are scooters, the maximum load of which is up to 130 kg, so that even a large man can ride such a vehicle. The weight limit is not just a manufacturer's whim, but a precautionary measure, because the pleasure should be safe.

Deck length

The scooter's deck is its base, on which one foot rests while moving. It is important that its length matches the size of the foot, so the ride will be comfortable. As for the width of the deck, the rule applies here: the narrower it is, the higher the speed and maneuverability. In most cases, the jogging leg is not located on it, so 12-15 cm is enough for an adult. In high-speed t-shirts, the deck is, as a rule, wider.

Wheel diameter

The diameter of the wheels affects not only the speed that can be developed on the scooter, but also its cross-country ability. The larger it is, the safer the ride. Small wheels can get stuck in any crack, while large wheels absorb when riding on uneven surfaces.

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