How To Change A Sprocket On A Bike

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How To Change A Sprocket On A Bike
How To Change A Sprocket On A Bike

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In modern bicycles, changing sprockets is a fairly simple procedure. The very design of the sleeve to which they are attached excludes the possibility of incorrect installation. Therefore, when faced with the need to change the sprocket, there is no need to contact a specialized bicycle salon: a cyclist can cope with this task on his own.


  • - adjustable wrench;
  • - puller;
  • - "whip" tool.


Step 1

Turn the bike upside down by placing it on the handlebars and saddle. Disconnect the rear wheel of the bike and remove the eccentric axle. Here you need to act carefully so as not to lose the guide springs fixed on the sides.

Step 2

Take a key release key and insert it into the slot in the sprocket cassette. Make sure that the stripper is fully seated in the slots on the cassette.

Step 3

Now you need a special bicycle "whip" tool. This one resembles an ordinary wrench with pieces of a bicycle chain attached to it. This chain must be thrown over one of the stars - this way it will be possible to fix the wheel so that it does not rotate during further manipulations with the sprockets. For work, it is important that the "whip" chain is thrown over the sprocket from above. The sprocket teeth should fit snugly into the holes in the whip chain. If the "whip" chain refuses to hold on to the teeth, constantly sliding off, this may indicate that the sprocket teeth have worn too much. In this case, it is worth trying to fix the "whip" on another, less worn out sprocket.

Step 4

Position the whip handle so that it points to the right. At the same time, rotate the "whip" clockwise and the puller counterclockwise. This will remove the retaining ring. This part of the sprocket replacement procedure can be physically demanding.

Step 5

After the retaining ring has been removed, remove the sprockets from the hub. Note that you have to reassemble them, so it is important to remember the order in which the different sized sprockets and spacers were attached. If you mix up the order of the sprockets, the gear shifting will be broken.

Step 6

Inspect the removed sprockets carefully. Replace worn parts with new ones. Those sprockets that do not yet require replacement must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and sand adhered to them. It is also necessary to clean the bushing on which the sprockets are attached.

Step 7

When all the elements are cleaned, start stringing the sprockets and spacers separating them onto the bushing. It is important to ensure that the sprockets are in the correct order.

Step 8

When all the sprockets are threaded onto the bushing, secure them with the retaining ring using a puller wrench. Use an adjustable wrench to secure the circlip securely enough.

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