How To Change The Rear Wheel Of A Bike

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How To Change The Rear Wheel Of A Bike
How To Change The Rear Wheel Of A Bike

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Removing bicycle wheels is a fairly common procedure. It may be required when replacing the camera, repairing the hub, or simply for transporting the bike.

How to change the rear wheel of a bike
How to change the rear wheel of a bike


Step 1

Place the bike with the wheels facing up before starting the procedure. If this is your first time doing this, don't worry. The bike is easy to roll over and stands firmly on the handlebars and saddle.

Step 2

It is better to remove speedometers, flashlights and other accessories, otherwise they can be easily damaged by hitting the ground.

Step 3

If your bike has hydraulic disc brakes, it is not recommended to keep the bike upside down for a long time. Otherwise, air may leak into the hose.

Step 4

Try not to depress the hydraulic brake levers while the wheel is removed. The pads may come too close together and it will be difficult to reinstall the wheel.

Step 5

If your bike has V-Brakes, you will need to unbuckle them first. This is a simple process that you shouldn't be afraid of. If there is a very large tire on the wheel, it may also be necessary to deflate the chamber first.

Step 6

The V-Brake pads are very close to the wheel rim, so first unfasten the brake levers and spread them apart. On one of the levers, you can see the end of the cable and the clamp, and this mechanism needs to be unfastened.

Step 7

The rubber sheath of the cable is located between the brake levers. It must be pushed towards the cable fastening screw. Expose the cable end.

Step 8

Move the brake levers towards each other and remove the cable end from the clamp. Lower the clamp and spread the brake levers. The brakes are now disengaged.

Step 9

The rear wheel must be removed from the chain drive. Move the chain to the smallest sprocket.

Step 10

On the left you can see the eccentric clamp lever, it needs to be rotated 180 degrees. There is a nut to the right of the sleeve; it must be unscrewed a few turns. Then move the switch lever up and back.

Step 11

Remove the wheel from the fork ends. The wheel is now removed.

Step 12

Installation of a new rear wheel is carried out upside-down. Check that the chain is still on the smallest sprocket before installing.

Step 13

Move the chain tensioner lever up and back, insert the wheel into the ends of the rear fork. In parallel with this, put the chain on the smallest star. Make sure that the wheel axle fits all the way into the groove of the tip and lies on the bottom of this groove.

Step 14

Rotate the cam lock lever 90 degrees and tighten the nut. Engage the V-Brake. The wheel change process is complete.

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