How To Assemble A Bike On A Motor

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How To Assemble A Bike On A Motor
How To Assemble A Bike On A Motor

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The bicycle as a means of transportation is still widely used today. But if you are tired of pedaling, you can improve the design of your two-wheeled friend by attaching a motor to it. Driving such a vehicle does not require a driver's license and the driving pleasure is comparable to the thrill of racing on a sports bike. If, of course, you connect your imagination in time.

How to assemble a bike on a motor
How to assemble a bike on a motor

It is necessary

  • - bicycle;
  • - engine;
  • - transmission;
  • - a set of tools for installation;
  • - sheet metal;
  • - welding machine.


Step 1

Find the bike to mount the engine on. The design of the machine can be very different. The main requirement for a bicycle is to be in good working order and have a solid frame, since it will have to carry additional load on itself. It is advisable to equip your car with more advanced wheels (from a mountain bike or moped).

Step 2

Determine the type of engine you will be using in your design. It can be a light gasoline engine borrowed from a moped (type D-5 or D-6) or an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. The location of the motor may vary depending on your choice. It is more convenient to attach the gas engine to the frame above the carriage, and the electric motor can, if desired, be fixed at the rear of the bike, where the trunk is located.

Step 3

Make a transmission that will transmit power from the engine shaft to the drive (rear) axle of the bicycle. The gasoline engine provides for a chain drive; to do this, equip the rear axle with gears of the appropriate size. Transmit the rotation of the electric motor using a pulley and a drive belt. Make sure that the belt is free from defects and can withstand prolonged and significant loads.

Step 4

Securely attach the motor to the bike frame using metal clamps with bolts and nuts. It is best to reinforce the frame by making a special sheet steel base and welding it at the motor mount. The mount should be strong, but at the same time allow for dismantling in case you have to remove the motor to replace or use the bike without the motor, in the usual way.

Step 5

Finally, consider a high-quality braking system on a bike with a motor. Since your vehicle will in principle be able to reach speeds faster than a regular bicycle, equip it with both front and rear brakes. The presence of an electrical sound signal also does not interfere. Movement safety comes first.

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