What Flowers Are Given To A Man

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What Flowers Are Given To A Man
What Flowers Are Given To A Man

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All over the world there is a tradition of giving flowers not only to women, but also to men. This is not prohibited by the rules of etiquette, but, on the contrary, is encouraged.

What flowers are given to a man
What flowers are given to a man

When to give flowers to a man

Usually men are presented with bouquets for birthdays and anniversaries. You can congratulate your partner on a professional holiday. Also, flowers are presented in honor of a sports victory, career advancement. You can bring a small bouquet when visiting a patient in the hospital and in some other situations.

Delight a man with flowers, meeting him from a business trip, or simply present a beautiful but courageous bouquet to your loved one. Male and female plants are different from each other. The choice of "masculine" flowers in bouquets will not be as diverse as the "feminine" ones.

Floristry in the selection of colors for men adheres to a number of rules.

What flowers will be included in a men's bouquet

It is preferable to give a man flowers that he likes, and not carnations, as is customary in Russia. In cases where you do not know what kind of flowers your friend, colleague, relative or partner prefers, it is better to choose large ones with high legs. Gladioli, dahlias and chrysanthemums with large inflorescences, large roses, irises and tulips are perfect for men's bouquets. A bouquet of exotic flowers - feces, orchids, anthuriums, bamboo and delphinium - will be original. When choosing a bouquet, try to make it match the man's age, social status and situation.

The bouquet can be made in a classic or modern style.

Bouquets of different flowers often look cheap and tasteless. Bouquets of the same flowers will be more sophisticated for a man. If you chose a mixed set, let the flowers in it be the same color. The color scheme obeys certain rules: men are presented with blue, purple, white, burgundy or red plants.

It is customary to make a bouquet of an elongated shape, strict symmetrical or asymmetrical lines. This design of the bouquet emphasizes the masculine principle, as well as the courage and wisdom of a strong half of humanity.

Refer to the language of flowers. For example, by giving a man peonies, you show your modesty and you may not be afraid to seem intrusive.

White roses mean friendship, and the same applies to chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums are versatile flowers that look great both on the desktop and in the office. The gladiolus is considered a male flower; it symbolizes chivalry.

Knowing about flowers and the art of making men's bouquets will help you bring joy to your family and friends.

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