What Flowers Did Matrona Of Moscow Love

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What Flowers Did Matrona Of Moscow Love
What Flowers Did Matrona Of Moscow Love

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When going to the Matrona of Moscow, one should not forget about the flowers that she loved during her lifetime. In the temple, you need to take a rosebud and twigs of other flowers, which will help keep the family, return happiness to the house and get rid of pain.

What flowers did Matrona of Moscow love
What flowers did Matrona of Moscow love

Matrona of Moscow, or as many affectionately call her Matushka Matrona, Matronushka, healed people during her lifetime, helped in difficult situations, and kept her health. Before her death, Matrona bequeathed everyone to come to her grave and talk about her sorrows, and she will ask for everyone before God.

What flowers should I go to Matronushka with?

The relics of St. Matrona of Moscow are in the Intercession Women's Monastery, where hundreds of people gather every day. Thousands of flowers are brought to this holy place for Mother Matrona, because during her lifetime she loved them very much. What flowers to buy for the saint?

Most come to the monastery to ask for help or to thank Matrona of Moscow with white or yellow roses. But in fact, the saint also loved other flowers, she especially rejoiced in the field daisies and cornflowers.

You can come to Matrona with flowers of any shades and varieties, but it is important that they are presented from a pure heart, with love and care. In the Intercession Monastery, flowers can be placed in a vase next to the icon or brought to the church to the relics of the saint. People come to Matrona of Moscow with chrysanthemums, daisies, roses, carnations, peonies and tulips, and wildflowers in the hands of believers are rare.

The healing power of Mother Matrona's flowers

It is believed that all flowers brought to the relics of the saint and lying there for some time acquire special strength. The attendants of the Intercession Monastery give everyone who bowed to the relics of Matrona one rosebud and a twig of another flower. The bud must be disassembled into petals, brewed with boiling water and the resulting drink must be drunk, and the twigs must be applied to the sore spot until complete recovery.

Flowers from Mother Matrona can not only heal, but also give signs, predict the future. Even tulips and peonies taken from Matronushka cost a month, and sometimes even longer.

Flowers received in the temple can be placed in a vase or dried, they have the power of healing for one year. They can be sewn up in a bag and applied to sore spots.

Before her death, Matushka Matrona bequeathed to come to her with flowers and talk about her sorrows. But what kind of flowers she liked, no one still knows for sure. A huge number of roses are sold in shops near the Intercession Women's Monastery and the Danilov Cemetery; in the spring, people bring peonies and tulips to St. Matrona. You don't have to buy flowers, you can pick up field daisies or cornflowers.

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