What Flowers Can Be Given To Pregnant Women

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What Flowers Can Be Given To Pregnant Women
What Flowers Can Be Given To Pregnant Women

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A bouquet of flowers is a wonderful gift for a woman. The expectant mother will also be pleased with him, but it is not permissible to give any flowers to a pregnant woman. It is important to remember the special state in which she is.

Flowers are a wonderfult for a pregnant woman
Flowers are a wonderfult for a pregnant woman

When drawing up a bouquet of flowers for a pregnant lady, you need to think not only about what flowers this woman loves, not only about their beauty and symbolic meaning, but also about the possible influence of flowers on the health of the unborn child.

Medical indications

During pregnancy, a woman is very sensitive to smells, and their perception may change. Even fragrances that were previously perceived to be neutral can cause allergic reactions, headaches, excruciating nausea, or even vomiting. For this reason, pregnant women are not recommended to present flowers with a strong aroma: lilies, jasmine, lilacs, bird cherry, chrysanthemums, peonies, daffodils and even violets.

Preference should be given to flowers that are almost odorless: tulips, orchids, irises, and from roses it is better to choose modern hybrid varieties.

Flowers are categorically contraindicated for pregnant women, which have the ability to take oxygen from the air. These include mimosa, which men love to give to women on March 8, as well as hydrangeas, primroses.

A pregnant woman can be given not only a bouquet, but also houseplants. Agave, dracaena, cactus, monstera, chlorophytum, pachira water, sansevieria, aloe are best suited for this. All these plants perfectly clean the air in the room from carbon dioxide, and aloe also neutralizes formaldehyde, which furniture releases from chipboard. The light scent of these flowers helps to improve sleep.

The symbolic meaning of flowers

The flower emblem of pregnancy is physalis, which is popularly called the "Chinese lantern". Usually husbands give such "lanterns" to their wives, hinting that it is time to think about adding a family, but you can give such a flower even when the wife is already pregnant.

Women in position must be protected from nervous excitement, which can be promoted by bright colors. Choosing the color scheme of the bouquet, it is better to give preference to calm tones, choosing white, pink, blue or light blue flowers.

It should be borne in mind that during pregnancy, even the most reasonable and sensible woman can become painfully suspicious. It is necessary to avoid such colors that can cause any negative associations. For example, yellow is traditionally considered "the color of treason," and if a husband presents a bouquet of yellow flowers to a pregnant wife, she is quite capable of seeing this as a cruel hint. Carnations are often brought to funerals, and a lady can see these flowers as a "bad sign". Each specific woman may also have personal associations with flowers, which will have to be taken into account when making a bouquet.

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