How To Know When Hot Water Will Be Given

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How To Know When Hot Water Will Be Given
How To Know When Hot Water Will Be Given

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In the summer, the shutdown of hot and sometimes cold water is a fairly common phenomenon. This is primarily due to ongoing repair work, which is much more difficult to carry out in winter.

No hot water?
No hot water?

Announcement for tenants

Typically, in this situation, the employees of the company serving your home must notify the tenants by posting a notice in specially designated areas. In the announcement, they stipulate the estimated period during which there will be no hot water, as well as the reasons for its shutdown. It makes sense to carefully review all the ads at your entrance. Often this is a small piece of paper that does not immediately catch your eye. There is also the possibility that the ad was ripped off by someone before you could read it. Talk to your neighbors, they may have read the ad or are more informed in this matter.

Contacting the management company

In the event that the residents of your house were not notified about the shutdown of hot water, you need to contact the management company that serves your house. The phone numbers of your management company, provided that you do not know them, can be found in the service agreement, which is concluded annually. You can also search the official website of the management company on the Internet and contact them with this question. But it is better to call, as you will sooner wait for any intelligible answer.

In most cases, everything is solved quite simply. It is enough to call and clarify the date of water supply. However, it happens that you do not get a direct answer to the question "When will they give hot water?", Although the service company knows about all the accidents that occur on the water supply lines, and it performs the current repairs itself using its resources. In this situation, you need to be persistent. If this does not seem difficult to you, you can even go to their office and not leave until they give you more reliable information about the reasons for the shutdown of hot water and the timing of its supply. Trust me, it works. If it is not possible to visit them in person, you can try to find out everything by phone.

In new buildings, there is another reason for the shutdown of hot water. This happens at the request of the owners of the apartments, making repairs. In addition, in new houses up to five years from the date of their commissioning, there are problems with the plumbing. But even here, without the knowledge of the site master, no one can get access to the common house valves. Besides, as a rule, it turns off only for a few hours. And again, all roads lead to the service company, which is always aware of when, exactly or at least presumably, hot water will be given.

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