How To Draw A Drawing

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How To Draw A Drawing
How To Draw A Drawing

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Drawings make up a significant part of the documentation that a design engineer works with every day. Often, the development of design documentation requires correcting errors or reworking drawings. This must be done in accordance with government and industry standards, either by hand or using CAD tools.

How to draw a drawing
How to draw a drawing


  • - computer with installed CAD system;
  • - paper or tracing paper;
  • - plotter or printer;
  • - drawing tools (templates, rulers, flight tires, pencils) for manual drawing.


Step 1

Find a set of documentation related to the drawing that you need to redo. For an assembly drawing, it will include a BOM for an assembly, for kits, a bill of specifications for a product, as well as all assembly drawings, BOMs and part drawings. The more information you have about the drawn object, the faster and more correctly you will complete the new drawing.

Step 2

Decorate the frame and the title block of the drawing in accordance with GOST 2.104-68. Remember that the frame and title block are made depending on the format (A4, A3, A2, etc.). If you are making a new drawing of a different format (larger or smaller), correctly position the images of views, sections, cuts and drawings. If the new drawing will be executed in a larger format, apply the magnification scale (2: 1, 4: 1, etc.), not forgetting to indicate the actual dimensions of the object being drawn. When the drawing is overloaded with views, dimensions and text of technical requirements, you should redraw it by introducing new sheets on which all information about the object will be evenly distributed.

Step 3

If you are transferring design documentation from paper to electronic form, that is, redrawing an existing drawing on paper using CAD tools, do not forget to take into account the additions to state and industry standards that have occurred during the existence of the drawing. Usually, all changes should be reflected in the drawing field, and the change number and the date of its introduction are indicated in the title block. When executing a new drawing, you should take into account all the changes and carry it out according to the new rules and standards that are in force at the current time.

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