How To Apply A Drawing To DVD

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How To Apply A Drawing To DVD
How To Apply A Drawing To DVD

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Often a situation arises when you need to burn a disc and arrange it beautifully. For example, a recording from a wedding or other celebration is very beneficial if you put a drawing on a DVD. There are several ways to do this. Moreover, they differ significantly from each other in terms of costs and opportunities.

How to apply a drawing to DVD
How to apply a drawing to DVD


Step 1

Buy a photo printer with a tray to print images on DVDs and CDs. This is the most expensive way possible, but it will provide the most professional design opportunities. Not every printer can print a picture on a DVD, usually manufacturers leave this option for six-color models of the middle and senior level. For example, printers Epson T50 / P50, Canon iP4840 and some other models.

Step 2

Purchase special discs with a special surface in matt white. They are called Printable and are available in almost any computer store. Choose products from a well-known manufacturer, do not take risks with cheap Chinese-made discs.

Step 3

Install all programs from the disc that came with your printer, and you have an application for editing the layout and printing images on discs. Disks must be strictly Printable. Please note that printing is done with ink, which means that if moisture gets in, the ink can spread.

Step 4

Alternatively, use LightScribe or LableFlash technology on a suitable burner. A few years ago, such drives became a small sensation - a special disc is inserted, a mockup of the picture is created, and the output is a stylishly designed DVD. Unlike printing onto the surface of a disc, it uses laser beam burning on the outside of the media. The image will be solid color with contrast to the background, but with some effort it can look impressive.

Step 5

Check to see if your drive has a logo for one of these technologies. If there is, you just need to purchase a disc of the required standard, run the Nero program with version 8.0 or higher and create a design. It can be just an inscription, a picture or an image along with text.

Step 6

Buy self-adhesive disc labels. To create a design layout, use a program from the Nero package or Adobe Photoshop. Print these labels on any printer. Separate the main part of the sticker from the backing and carefully, so as not to disturb the balance, glue it to the front side of the disc. This is the easiest and most inexpensive way to get your artwork on DVD.

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