How To Write In Drawing Font

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How To Write In Drawing Font
How To Write In Drawing Font
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Pupils studying drawing at school, engineering students must be able to write correctly in a drawing font. How to achieve this, not all of them know. Follow some simple rules and you will definitely achieve great results.

How to write in drawing font
How to write in drawing font


Step 1

Remember that there are several standards for the height of letters and numbers. This is 1, 8; 2, 5; 3, 5; five; 7; 10; fourteen; twenty; 28; 40. If you are using an italic font, the slant should be 75 degrees. For training, try drawing oblique lines with a given angle on a separate sheet of paper, then place the outlined sheet under a blank one and write a short text. Always keep the same spacing between letters - this will give the written text neatness.

Step 2

Always start writing with a hard pencil, without pressing on the paper. In no case do not rush to outline the text with a soft pencil, without first making sure that the text is made according to all standards. Write the letters clearly and evenly - they should not be one lower or higher than the other. Line thickness also plays an important role.

Step 3

Carefully study the correct spelling of each letter and number, if it does not work out, then prepare a cheat sheet for yourself, which will significantly reduce the time in studying the drawing font. When filling out tables and diagrams in a drawing font, observe the distance between the already drawn lines, without crossing any of them.

Step 4

Try to make headings only in capital letters, while observance of the slope is not necessary, but it is also possible. Do not rush, because it will not lead to anything good. Do everything right the first time, and do not constantly erase your inscriptions and do not spoil the drawings.

Step 5

Train as often as possible so as not to lose the skill. Graph paper is perfect for training, on which you can clearly see all the irregularities and sloppiness of the drawing font. Try to practice more on those words that you will have to write constantly in the drawings. This can be your initials in full, the name of the educational institution, the name of parts, designations.

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