How To Find Out The Optimal Weight

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How To Find Out The Optimal Weight
How To Find Out The Optimal Weight
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Striving for perfection is a natural trait of humanity. It makes people enjoy beauty, create an attractive image for themselves, and, of course, maintain their own weight at an optimal value. Use the formulas below to calculate your optimal weight.

How to find out the optimal weight
How to find out the optimal weight


Step 1

One of the most ancient methods of determining the norm of weight is the "index formula". It was developed by Adolphe Quetelet in 1869. Despite the fact that this method has already existed in the 1st and 5th centuries, it is widely used among fitness enthusiasts and athletes. To calculate, you need two precise indicators: the actual weight in kilograms and the height in meters. Square the height. Divide your weight by the previous number. This will give you your body mass index. For example, your height is 1.7 m, weight is 62 kg. Find the square 1, 7, it is 2, 89. Then divide the number 62 by 2, 89. Thus, the index will be 21, 5.

Step 2

The optimal value of the indicator should be in the range between 18, 3 and 24, 9. If your index is less than 18, 3, then the weight does not reach the norm. In this case, you should think about additional set of muscle mass. And accordingly, exceeding the value of 24, 9 indicates overweight. In addition, an index of 30 indicates the first stage of obesity. Exceeding this value by 5 already indicates the second stage, and the indicator 40 - the third.

Step 3

Scientist Brokk has developed another way to determine the optimal weight. The formula is pretty simple. Find out your height in centimeters. Subtract 100 from this value. The resulting value will be your optimal weight. Due to the fact that people by physique are divided into normosthenics, asthenics (thin) and hypersthenics (full), the weight calculated according to this formula should also be slightly adjusted. If you have a lean physique, subtract 6 - 10 kg from this value. For hypersthenics, on the contrary, it is necessary to add about 5 - 6 kg to the final figure.

Step 4

Try to adhere to the optimal values ​​of your weight, then you will help your own body to easily cope with its duties. You will be healthy, cheerful and full of energy.

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