How To Reduce Age

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How To Reduce Age
How To Reduce Age

Video: How To Reduce Age

Video: How To Reduce Age
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Old age does not come suddenly. This is a natural and natural process that takes place gradually. Some women who have reached the age of "autumn of life" think that joy and happiness are in the past, youth and freshness cannot be returned. Other representatives of the fair sex try not to despair and do their best to reduce their age. But each age period has its own charms. Feminine positive perception of herself and the world around her - is this not the youth of the soul?

How to reduce age
How to reduce age


Step 1

Respect yourself and your age. Finally, the period has come in life when you can start to pamper yourself. Children have grown up and no longer need frequent care. You can gradually begin to fulfill your dreams - get a personal plot or travel to different countries. Leading an active lifestyle, you will feel young and full of energy, and diseases will recede into the background. Don't waste time - read, develop yourself, find new friends, go to theaters and museums, spend time with your family.

Step 2

Take care of yourself and your health. Taking physiological changes in the body seriously and diagnosing diseases reduces health problems. Moderate physical activity improves the appearance and has a rejuvenating effect on the whole body: fitness, callanetics, water aerobics, etc. Taking care of skin, hair, nails and teeth until very old age, you will significantly reduce the years. A woman of Balzac age with a beautiful hairstyle, neat manicure and makeup suitable for her looks very impressive and young.

Step 3

Use cosmetics that are appropriate for your age. This also applies to caring complexes with a lifting effect, and decorative cosmetics. The right makeup will help you get a few years off your face. The main rule is naturalness. In adulthood, bright tones of eyeshadows and lipsticks are inappropriate, and a thick layer of foundation will not only not hide wrinkles, but also make them deeper.

Step 4

Revise your wardrobe. Even if you are young at heart and lead an active lifestyle, short skirts and blouses with open cutouts will look funny and ridiculous on you. A mature woman can be fashionable and attractive without these frills, so choose clothes that flatter your figure and are comfortable at the same time. If the choice of clothing is difficult, you can always seek the help of a professional stylist who will choose a style that reflects the inner essence and is suitable for your age.

Step 5

Behave for your age. Young girl behavior does not paint a mature lady. This does not mean that you have to become a dry, strict and prim old woman. But it is worth remembering about dignity and life experience when communicating with people.

Step 6

Enjoy life, do not regret the departed youth. Live for yourself and look for happiness in the little things. Then the problem of age will recede into the background. The main thing is that you are happy and young at heart.

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