How To Issue An Extract From A Document

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How To Issue An Extract From A Document
How To Issue An Extract From A Document

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There are frequent cases when, at the request of third-party organizations, current or former employees of the enterprise and other citizens, it is necessary to draw up an extract from the main document intended for internal use and containing information of a confidential nature. There are special requirements for the preparation of such documents.

How to issue an extract from a document
How to issue an extract from a document


Step 1

Take the original of the original document and select the fragments to be copied and transferred to the statement. Accurate citation is the main requirement for drawing up an extract. There is no specific form for such documents, here follow the general rules of office work that govern the execution of business documentation. Much more important is the content of the extract, which should be composed of blocks of mandatory information.

Step 2

To begin with, place the name of the document at the top center of the sheet "briefly the topic, the essence of the document. Next, select and copy the part of the main document, which contains the initial details (name of the company, date and place of the event, number of attendees, etc.). Complete the extracts by placing a fragment of text relating to the directly asked question (an item from the agenda of the meeting, etc.), indicating its serial number according to the provision in the original document.

Step 3

Now find and copy a piece of text describing the course of the discussion of this issue (if any) and the decision taken on it. Insert the quote in the statement, remembering to include the numbering from the main document there. Place the names, initials and positions of the responsible persons who signed the original here.

Step 4

Verify the finished extract from the persons authorized to perform such actions. Most often it is the secretary of the organization or the personnel officer. Here the extract will be checked against the original document for exact match. In conclusion, the statement must contain the word "True", the signature (with decoding in brackets) of the person in charge must be written, his position, date and time of certification of the document must be indicated.

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