How To Find A Person In Greece

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How To Find A Person In Greece
How To Find A Person In Greece

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The use of modern information technologies, such as e-mail and the Internet, can significantly facilitate the procedure for finding a person who is abroad. It is enough to use the information provided on the websites of some official organizations in Greece and Russia.

How to find a person in Greece
How to find a person in Greece


  • - access to the Internet;
  • - electronic mailbox


Step 1

Contact one of the Greek Consulates General located in Russia, or Russian consulates located in Greece. Through the official website of one of the above organizations, make a request about the person you need.

Step 2

Go to the official website of the State General Archives of Greece. You can use the services of an on-line translator if you don’t know English or you don’t know Greek. Fill out the feedback form provided on the resource, or use the contact information. Find out if you can get the information you are interested in about the citizen you need who is a citizen of the Hellenic Republic.

Step 3

If you know which of the companies in Greece a person works, open the directory of companies and organizations of this state on the Internet. Find the contact details (phone numbers, e-mail addresses) of the administration and ask for help with your problem.

Step 4

Organize a search through international social networks such as Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Vkontakte, Facebook, My World, etc. If you do not have a personal account on any of the resources, go through the registration procedure in it. The more information you have about a person (name, surname, age, city of residence), the more accurately the data presented as a result will be sorted.

Step 5

Enter the last name, first name, country of location (Greece) and other information known to you (age, place of work) of the person in question in the search box of your browser. If a person of interest to you somewhere on the network has posted contact information for free access, you will receive it.

Step 6

Ask for help in the international television project "Wait for me". Open the official website of the TV show, register in it and fill out the search form, indicating who and where you are looking for.

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