How The World Has Changed

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How The World Has Changed
How The World Has Changed

Video: How The World Has Changed

Video: How The World Has Changed
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The world, its nature, animals, people inhabiting the earth, their way of life have changed on a global scale over several centuries. The last hundred years have been particularly progressive. What changes have occurred in the world in just the past few decades?

How the world has changed
How the world has changed


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First of all, nature itself and the animal world have changed. There are fewer forests on the Earth's landscape, but more fields, rivers have become less full-flowing, but more irrigated areas have appeared. The areas of desert places and contaminated territories have increased. There are fewer and fewer places on the planet that have not been subjected to anthropogenic impact. The amount of harmful substances has increased in the atmosphere. The area of developed places, where a person could fully live, has increased. Among animals, there are fewer wild species and more tamed, domesticated ones.

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Scientists believe that people have changed globally over the past 100 years. Human life expectancy has increased, but physical activity has decreased significantly due to progress. Human nutrition has changed. In this regard, the external data has also changed. People became overweight. The growth of a modern person is higher than that of a hundred years ago. The structure of human diseases has undergone changes. Previously, infectious diseases were fatal, now more often people die from cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

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In medicine, over a century, great inventions have taken place that have saved more than one human life. Such inventions include the emergence of antibiotics among therapeutic agents. Scientists also proposed vaccination against deadly diseases to mankind, the possibility of family planning thanks to contraceptives.

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The last hundred years, the development of technology went by leaps and bounds. Remote communication, television and much more have developed massively. Great discoveries have taken place in many sciences. The life of people and their work is simplified with each new invention of instructors: miracle ovens, pressure cookers, ovens, multicooker.

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One of the important inventions of the century is the computer and computer technologies, which are updated every year and become more and more high-tech. Thanks to the advent of the computer, the Internet also appeared. The World Wide Web is another type of profound change in the world in recent decades.

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It was during the last hundred years that space exploration took place. This greatly changed not only the world, but also the consciousness of man, broadened his horizons, the amount of knowledge in many sciences. The age of high technology has made it possible to master airways for human movement. Air transport such as airplane, helicopter, airplane were invented.

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Fashion for men and women has changed beyond recognition. In addition, she undergoes visible changes every fashion season. Film studios have learned to shoot the next film masterpieces in a completely different way. Musical preferences, fashion for one or another musical direction, new styles in music are replaced with each new generation.

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