Where Was The Tallest Christmas Tree Installed?

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Where Was The Tallest Christmas Tree Installed?
Where Was The Tallest Christmas Tree Installed?

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None of the adults are surprised that every year, with the onset of Christmas and New Year, New Year trees begin to grow on city squares. But for children, city spruce always comes from fairy tales. And if the green beauty is very big, then the child can feel like a Gulliver in the Land of Giants.

Festive tree
Festive tree

New Year's story

Even before the advent of Christianity, the ancient Germanic tribes revered the Christmas tree as an amulet that protects their home from cold, hunger and evil spirits. It represented the triumph of life over death. And the first came up with the idea of ​​decorating a Christmas tree for the French living in the territory of modern Alsace. As art historians say, this historical fact of decorating a tree took place back in 1605, which was recorded in the annals of city events. "At Christmas, the townspeople set up Christmas trees in their homes, and their branches are decorated with roses made of colorful paper, sugar cubes, cookies and apples."

The Protestant community of the German state of Württemberg adopted the newfangled introduction, and gradually this rule spread throughout Germany, later capturing all of Europe. At first, only wealthy merchants and nobles could afford Christmas trees. In those days, pines, beeches and cherry branches could act as spruce. Only in the 19th century, the Christmas tree, as an indispensable New Year's attribute, entered the homes of ordinary residents of European countries.

Christmas tree fashion

Who could have foreseen this many years ago! No matter how funny, but it turns out every year, on New Year's Eve designers are working on new collections of Christmas tree decorations. Today there is a whole industry for the production of fashionable Christmas tree decorations, which is changing its trends no worse than the houses of Dior and Chanel. But, nevertheless, there are classic tendencies - there are not many toys on the Christmas tree, the color scheme of decorations is most often kept in blue-milk and red-golden shades.

Christmas tree giant

According to the data recorded by the Guinness Book of Records, the largest New Year tree in 2009 decorated the Pasio de la Reforma Avenue, which is located in Mexico City. Its size was officially measured by representatives of the famous Book and was 110m 35cm, which approximately corresponds to the height of a house of forty floors.

It should be noted that the tree was assembled on a metal frame, the total weight of which is 330 tons. This powerful structure was assembled by a team of two hundred workers for almost 2 months. After installing the tree, the process of decorating it began. With the help of lifting mechanisms, more than a thousand huge Christmas tree decorations and many electric garlands were hung. The total length of the garlands was 80 km, while about a million bulbs were used.

Christmas fairs, concerts of choral groups, festivals were held near the installation site of the New Year's beauty on Zocalo Square. At several free performances, the lucky ones managed to hear the singing of Placido Domingo himself. More than three million tourists were lucky enough to see the unusual giant Christmas tree during the 2009 holiday season.

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