How To Learn Gas Welding

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How To Learn Gas Welding
How To Learn Gas Welding
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The use of gas welding is a science that can be learned in special courses or in a vocational technical school. But even professional theory does not always help to immediately master the methods of perfect welding. With practice, experience is gained, and the quality of welding work increases significantly.

How to learn gas welding
How to learn gas welding


necessary equipment


Step 1

It is not recommended to use gas welding without specialized skills. An incorrect ratio of acetylene and oxygen set in gearboxes can cause explosion and injury. Therefore, you can proceed directly to practice only after a training course in theory under the guidance of an experienced specialist.

Step 2

In special courses, you will be taught modern welding techniques, taught how to set pressure correctly, select a torch, and familiarize you with safety precautions and welding rules.

Step 3

After receiving your certificate of gas welder, proceed to practice. Apply theory, but do not forget that you will learn to cook only if you have mastered a sufficiently large experience of practical knowledge.

Step 4

Buy a gas can, a welder's suit, a mask, a torch with a set of 4 tips. Learn to correctly set the pressure in the hoses of the device. As a rule, the oxygen pressure should not exceed 0.3 MPa, the acetylene pressure in the reducer should not be below 1 kPa. Use only a third class oxygen hose for welding, do not use conventional hoses for other purposes.

Step 5

Hold the burner at different angles, putting the learned theory into practice. Do not neglect safety precautions. Always use a welder's protective suit, gloves, goggles, and a helmet or heavy hat.

Step 6

First, learn to weld rough seams on a thick iron. As you become familiar with welding techniques, start welding thinner iron using the smallest tip. Daily practice will help you quickly master the necessary professional skills that will enable you to tackle the toughest jobs.

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