How To Understand The Diagrams

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How To Understand The Diagrams
How To Understand The Diagrams

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It is impossible to work with electrical equipment without circuits, as it is dangerous. You need to understand the diagrams by reading them, i.e. to receive from them the information necessary to perform a certain work. If the diagram is not read correctly, the electrical device may be damaged.

How to understand the diagrams
How to understand the diagrams


Step 1

Read the diagram and highlight the information that you need to do this work, in order to understand the principle of operation of an electrical installation, find out the function of one or another of its elements, establish what to connect with, find a false circuit and find a way to eliminate it, check the operating mode is set correctly.

Step 2

Determine the type of circuit. There are electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, kinematic, automation schemes, combined schemes. Within each type, several types of schemes are distinguished, which are indicated by numbers. The structural diagram defines the main operating parts of the product, the functional one explains the processes taking place, the principal one determines the full composition of the elements and the connections between them and gives a detailed idea of ​​the principle of operation.

Step 3

View conditional graphics that are formed from geometric shapes. This includes the presence of squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, solid lines, dashed lines and dots, etc. With the help of combinations of such figures, one can easily depict electrical devices, devices and their components, lines of mechanical connection of machine parts. If the rule of setting figures in graphic images is not observed, the meaning is distorted.

Step 4

Learn what each graphic in the diagram stands for. For example, any lines of electrical communication are indicated by a dash, the screen is shown with a dashed line, a non-separable electrical connection is indicated by a dot, a collapsible connection is shown by a circle, etc. It is almost impossible to understand the diagram unless you are an expert in the field.

Step 5

If your task is to repair an electrical device according to the scheme, leave this work to a professional. An adjuster or repairer will quickly find a breakdown and fix it. Self-intervention in the device without the presence of certain knowledge and skills is fraught with the failure of the device or device.

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