How To Increase The Estimate

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How To Increase The Estimate
How To Increase The Estimate

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When carrying out construction and repair work, their cost is determined by the estimate. This document lists all the necessary construction and finishing work, including construction, installation, sanitary and electrical work, as well as architectural and planning solutions, the cost of each type of work. It also indicates the necessary building and finishing materials, their volume and cost, overhead and other costs. There are several ways to increase your construction cost estimate.

How to increase the estimate
How to increase the estimate


Step 1

The part of the estimate that determines the types of work, the volume and the required amount of building materials can be easily checked by a specialist who will immediately notice the unnecessary technological excesses, overestimated volumes and costs of work introduced into it. If your task is to increase the estimate, then at these points you can “collect by little things” no more than 5-10% of the cost of materials.

Step 2

Estimates are drawn up on the basis of current prices and approved building codes and regulations (SNiPs), so an independent estimator will always be able to control all your prices. Sometimes it is possible to overestimate the estimated cost using different coefficients that take into account the construction conditions, but this will not be a large amount either.

Step 3

There are some possibilities when estimating overhead costs, which take into account the depreciation of the contractor's equipment used in the construction, transportation costs, and the costs of maintaining his administrative apparatus. A few percent of the total cost of the estimate can be won here too.

Step 4

The "Other expenses" column, which is a mandatory part of any estimate, takes into account unforeseen expenses and such work that is simply difficult to take into account right away. Usually, it is 10-15% of the cost of the estimate. You can try to increase this value.

Step 5

The main article on which it is possible to make an almost uncontrolled increase in the estimate are the so-called "hidden work", which is difficult, and sometimes impossible to verify in kind when commissioning finished buildings and structures. Such works include activities related to lowering the level of groundwater, work on consolidating soils, arranging sink wells and caissons for pits, trenches and embankments, erecting earthworks and foundations, etc.

Step 6

When installing metal and wooden structures, you can overestimate the volume of embedding of metal beams, girders, columns. It is difficult to take into account anti-corrosion measures - anti-corrosion protection and welding of embedded parts, impregnation of wooden structures in order to protect against decay and fire.

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