How To Increase Height

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How To Increase Height
How To Increase Height

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Short stature often causes self-doubt, as well as many problems in everyday life. Intensive growth of a person, as a rule, stops by the age of majority. However, there are a number of simple methods that can add a few centimeters to your height.

How to increase height
How to increase height


Step 1

Before trying to increase your height, you must remember that there are factors that you cannot influence under any circumstances. This primarily applies to your genetics. If most of your family members and relatives are short, you are likely to be short as well. If only your parents or only one of them are short, you may well be taller than them. Not genetic factors can be controlled, but only to a certain extent. For this, it is necessary to lead an appropriate lifestyle from childhood.

Step 2

Exercise regularly, exercise daily. The high activity of the body forces it to produce growth hormones, which directly affect the growth of a person. The most effective exercises are those that require you to jump a lot. You can use jumping as an independent exercise, doing them daily for 30 minutes. In addition, jumping can be practiced by playing basketball, volleyball, and other team games, for example. Certain cardio exercises, such as cycling and swimming, also help to tighten the body. An effective tool for increasing height is the crossbar. Just weigh on it for 10 seconds and then rest. Repeat this exercise several times throughout the day.

Step 3

It is known that the human body grows as intensively as possible during rest. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain proper sleep patterns and get more rest. This is especially important for children during the period of their intensive growth. They need to sleep at least 8-11 hours a day. It is also important that nothing disturbs your sleep. Try to make sure it is comfortable ahead of time, such as having chamomile tea before bed or taking a hot bath.

Step 4

Children are taught from childhood to maintain correct posture. This is directly related not only to the health of the spine, but also to the growth of a person. Try not to slouch, sit straight at the table, straighten your shoulders and slightly raise your chin while walking. Correct bedding can also help you maintain proper posture, such as using a pillow that does not put pressure on your neck.

Step 5

An important factor in the intensive growth of a person is his nutrition. Try to balance it as much as possible. Avoid eating any unhealthy food (large amounts of sugar, sodas, saturated fats, etc.). The food you consume should be rich in vitamin D, protein, zinc, calcium and other substances that directly affect human growth. In addition, you need to try to speed up the metabolism in your body, this will help to avoid the retention of harmful fats in it. To do this, you can skip the saturated three meals a day and eat more often, but in smaller portions.

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