How To Increase The Size Of Rings

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How To Increase The Size Of Rings
How To Increase The Size Of Rings

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A gold ring is perhaps the best gift that can be a great addition to any outfit. But sometimes it happens that the ring you like is smaller than required. In most cases, the size of the jewelry can be increased in a jewelry workshop.

How to increase the size of the rings
How to increase the size of the rings


Step 1

Gold has excellent ductility, so, if necessary, the size of a gold ring can be relatively easily changed by decreasing or increasing by one or two sizes. It is not recommended to carry out such an operation at home, even with the right tools, since the jewelry can be irreparably deformed in unskillful hands.

Step 2

The most common way to increase the size of a ring is mechanical. The master first checks what the true size of the product is, and then determines by what amount it is necessary to increase it. After measurements, the ring is treated with a burner flame. When it cools down, the product is put on a special crossbar. The ring is stretched to the required size using a roller corresponding to the profile of the product. It remains to align the ends and grind the ring to its original shine.

Step 3

There is a more laborious way to increase the size of the ring. In this case, it is increased by inserting a piece of metal of a similar sample. First, a joint is formed, where a piece of material is applied and carefully soldered when heated by the flame of a heating pad. The renewed product is then bleached, dried and carefully processed with a jewelry file to remove possible protrusions and depressions.

Step 4

When choosing a specific method, experts always proceed from the size of the ring. For a thin piece, a simple mechanical stretch is best. If the ring is massive and thick, it is easier and safer to use the insertion method. In the simplest case, when the ring needs to be enlarged by only a fraction of a millimeter, sometimes its inner surface is simply bored, removing the thinnest layer of metal.

Step 5

If the ring has inserts in the form of stones, they are often dismantled before work. This is done in order to reduce the risk of stresses in the stone, which may well lead to its irreparable deformation. After increasing the size of the ring, the stones are easily inserted into their places, appropriately fastening.

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