How To Make Smoke Rings

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How To Make Smoke Rings
How To Make Smoke Rings

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Few people know, but the great Charlie Chaplin bequeathed a good fortune to the smoky ring. The comedian left one million American dollars to someone who could release six smoke rings in a row and run a seventh through them. Of course, many may say that something like this is complete nonsense, but suddenly you are the one who will cope with Chaplin's task.

How to make smoke rings
How to make smoke rings


Cigarettes or cigars, matches


Step 1

In order to let smoke rings, you first need to pick up cigarettes, they must be strong enough. It is believed that not all cigarettes produce thick enough smoke. The best rings are obtained by lighting a cigar. If you still prefer cigarettes, then try to seal the tobacco in them as much as possible. To do this, hit several times with your hand on top of the pack of cigarettes or knock it on a hard surface. This will allow the tobacco to thicken as much as possible by dropping closer to the filter. You can be convinced of the effectiveness of your actions by finding some free space on the tip of the cigarette.

Step 2

Now you can light a cigarette. Note that the first couple of puffs are usually too weak to form rings, so you shouldn't rush. Some ring experts argue that you need to relax as much as possible to get something out of the smoke, and if you try too hard, the attempt will be doomed to failure. Try to draw as much smoke as you can while puffing, this will form the clearest possible ring.

Step 3

After you have inhaled, close your mouth and bring your tongue closer to your throat so that the tip is pointing downward. Now fold your lips in an "O" shape so that they protrude slightly forward. From the outside, of course, it may look a little silly, but grace will come with experience. Now you can release the ring. This is not difficult. Smoke should come out of your mouth in small portions, but rather abruptly. It can be compared to a slight cough, only without a sound.

Step 4

The moment you feel that the smoke is about to escape from your mouth with a short exhalation, begin to make sharp movements with your tongue back and forth. Simultaneously with the tongue, your jaw should also work, then expanding, then narrowing the letter "O" formed by your lips. With these movements, the rings should literally rip off the tip of your tongue.

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