How To Make Artificial Smoke

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How To Make Artificial Smoke
How To Make Artificial Smoke

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Are you no longer satisfied with quiet home gatherings in honor of your birthday? Are you going to put on a real holiday show? Then you cannot do without all sorts of special effects. And the equipment for their creation can now be easily rented.

How to make artificial smoke
How to make artificial smoke


Smoke generator


Step 1

Rent a smoke generator. There are different models of smoke machines, each of which has a different smoke effect. For example, you can decorate the stage with tall columns of smoke (geysers), which can be further effectively illuminated. This model is interesting in that the smoke escapes from it in the form of a tall column. Then in 1-2 seconds it dissipates without leaving any traces. This effect can be used at the climax of your show.

Step 2

Use a model with the effect of "heavy" smoke spreading across the floor. This special effect is perfect for any concert, wedding, disco or birthday party. Fill the dance floor with that kind of smoke. You will see how beautiful couples will look, slowly moving in a dance across the hall.

Step 3

Apply a smoke machine creating a "fog effect". This type of smoke will highlight the beams of lighting fixtures in the space and create a mysterious atmosphere. It will be especially appropriate if you are planning a rock band performance at your holiday.

Step 4

Use different types of smoke machines according to your goals. If you want to get the effect of "creeping smoke", then use floor types of smoke generators. If you need smoke diffused throughout the room, then you'd better purchase a pendant model.

Step 5

Contact an organization that provides rental of various equipment for the holidays. There you will be able to consult, provide you with the smoke machine itself, the means to care for it, as well as an operator who will serve it during the event.

Step 6

Refrain from buying a smoke machine if you do not plan to use it often. If you decide to save money and buy an inexpensive device, then you may not have the most pleasant surprises. Inexpensive cars are of poor quality. It will be a shame if the smoke just doesn't go out at the right time. Therefore, it is better to rent a good device once.

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