How To Place Outdoor Advertising

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How To Place Outdoor Advertising
How To Place Outdoor Advertising

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Outdoor advertising is one of the ways to promote your product to potential consumers. Unlike print and television, its effectiveness is difficult to measure. Therefore, there is no universal way to place billboards.

How to place outdoor advertising
How to place outdoor advertising


Step 1

Create outdoor advertising that would be extremely easy for your target audience to perceive. The fact is that billboards are much more difficult to retain attention on themselves than television and radio spots, as well as advertising in the media. According to statistics, a pedestrian's attention can linger on a billboard for up to 35 seconds, while a motorist looks at a billboard for no more than 12 seconds.

Step 2

Consider the fact that only one picture should be depicted on the shield, and the inscription should not contain more than seven words. Such recommendations are explained by the fact that more information simply will not be perceived by your target audience. In addition, when placing outdoor advertising, you should take into account the specifics of its location. For example, it makes no sense to place various puzzles on shields located on busy tracks. Motorists simply won't have time to figure out what you mean. But the bus stop is the best fit for such purposes: a person, waiting for a suitable transport, will gladly spend time trying to figure out your message.

Step 3

Place outdoor advertisements in residential areas if the product you advertise is of a mass consumption nature. Have you often seen advertisements for cheap powder in the city center? The lack of such advertising is explained by the fact that the central areas are more suitable for placing information about premium products.

Step 4

If you want to promote a new product, then the number of billboards should not be lower than 150 (for megacities). Moreover, they should be placed evenly throughout the city. It is best to choose a city format - a three-sided shield. Firstly, advertising on them changes quite quickly, and secondly, the likelihood that more people will pay attention to your message increases.

Step 5

When your goal is to remind you of an existing product, then fifty shields located in the most passable parts of the city will be quite enough.

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